martes, 24 de febrero de 2015

El Libro de la Vida

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Update 10/2/17 - I highly recommend Arianne Dowd's materials for El Libro de la Vida. 

I am going to be out for a few of days for conferences and I wanted to leave some plans that were valuable, yet doable and relaxing too. So, I finally watched the movie, "El Libro de la Vida" and made a question guide to go along with the movie. It is a sweet movie and visually beautiful. I made this basic guide with questions for upper level students to do as they watch. They will watch the movie in Spanish with Spanish subtitles. For my lower level students, they will watch with subtitles in English and do a shorter writing assignment, perhaps filling in the chart at the end of the guide.

On another note, I am sure that this movie will be a great one to show next November 1-2 too!

The La Santa Cecilia song "Calaverita" might be a fantastic way to start a unit on El Día de los Muertos. Here is a slideshow to use (read more about it here):