jueves, 20 de julio de 2017

Un besito más...

Update 3/28/18: Here are some Novice level resources for Un Besito Más.

Do you teach about immigration? Want to address immigration reform? The video for "Un besito más" by Jesse y Joy is excellent, and heart wrenching. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out below! 

I will be teaching an immigration unit in my Cultura y Civiliación (4/5) class this semester and I think I will use this on the very first day before I even tell them what the unit is about. It will be an excellent "hook"

The amazing Arianne Dowd and I created some activities to use with the song/video. We are sharing them for free. They are all linked here in this doc (free on TPT). And here is a possible order to use them:
  • The first presentation (linked in doc, feel free to make a copy and adapt) can be used to introduce the song without revealing what it is about (immigration). The presentation is meant to be a teacher-facilitated discussion and a great way to review some basic structures. Students should also be encouraged to be creative in their answers, hence the "Imaginemos y hablemos" slide.

  • The second presentation (linked in doc, feel free to make a copy and adapt) can be used before and/or after seeing the video. With this presentation, students can do several things: put the pictures in order and discuss, listen to the teacher and identify the picture, and/or retell the story with the pictures. It can also be used as a final writing activity or assessment.

  • Listen to song and put it in order.
  • Two short reading activities related to the video.
    • "¿Quién lo dijo, la madre o el padre?" to review what is said when the fire is happening.
    • "¿Probable o improbable?" This activity will help to clarify some things for students.
  • A cloze activity to hear and read the song.
  • Put the lyrics in order and reveal an important message.
  • Draw illustrations of parts of the song.
  • A short Kahoot to review the factual information presented in the video.
  • A few short answer questions about the song/video. These could be used as an assessment.
  • And again, the activities in the second slideshow could also be used as an assessment.
  • Teachers - Please feel free to make a copy of any of this and adapt as you want, but please give us credit and don't sell our work! (Yup, this has happened.)

I will also be using the song ICE El Hielo by La Santa Cecilia. But the major part of the immigration unit is the movie "Ladrón que roba a ladrón". It will be a bit lighter than some of the other immigration movies out there! And these two songs (with a couple of others) will be the heavier parts of the unit. I am using these two resources from Arianne Dowd: her film guide and her Breakout EDU activity. 

Side-note: I am a runner; I love to run; I think a lot when I run. My parents supported me tremendously in that sport; and my mom still goes to my races to this day! (I am 41 years old, haha!) I think that is one of the reasons that when I saw this video, I immediately had to create something to use with it in class. If you have any runners in your class, they might really be able to identify with this girl (as would anyone who thinks about not having their parents or loved-ones there when they are working hard and achieving their goals).

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