sábado, 5 de octubre de 2019

Story/Song of the week: ¿Qué tiene?

I just love this video! So, I made up a little story (see below or click here) for Spanish 1's song/story of the week. We will start with a listen and draw before they see the video! I just love watching my students watch the video after they have created images in their mind. I highly recommend that you, teacher, give it a try too: read the story and then watch the video.

This is the fifth story/song of the week that my Spanish 1 students have had this year and they are so engaged and acquiring a lot! We have done: Atrévete, Yo no sé, La magia, and Bailar (found in this bundle).

If you would like to hear how and what else I do with a song/story of the week, listen to this podcast.

As always, feel free to make a copy and adapt, but please keep my name on the story as the original creator!

Note: The lyrics of this song contain the phrase "vale madre". To some, it means: "I don't give a damn." To some, it is stronger.

2 comentarios:

  1. hola, vale madre! esta en la cancion? para mi es una mala palabra para ensenar a los chicos, tu la ensenas en ese contexto?

    1. Hola Mónica. Para mí, es el equivalente a "I don't give a damn."

      Es más fuerte para ti?

      Gracias por hacerme considerar esto.