miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2016

Lo Sobrenatural: Cortometrajes

My last unit in my Cultura y Civilización course is called "Lo Sobrenatural," and it is a fun one with tons of fantastic resources. Big thanks to Kristy Placido who shared her Essential Questions, ideas and resources. And thanks to Elena López too for her slideshows!

During the end of the year, we have lots of interruptions with AP exams, field trips, and other things, and yesterday was one of those days when a third of the class was missing. I wanted to do something fun and light, but still related to the chapter. So, here is what we did:

Cortometrajes sobrenaturales:
  • With a group of classmates, watch a cortometraje sobrenatural and write a summary, but leave out the ending.
  • Read the summary to the class. Classmates will draw or act out what they hear. List any new vocabulary on the board.
  • Don't tell them the ending.
  • Classmates will predict the ending.
  • Watch the cortometraje and see the ending.


This was a simple, fun way to keep them engaged and focused on our unit on a day when we were missing many students. Here are the summaries (not edited and/or corrected by me yet) that they wrote. I may even use their summaries with other classes in the future. 

Also, there are so many good cortometrajes (check out Elena López's pinterest boards here and here), this could be done with any type that has a twist at the ending.

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  1. I have the same issue with interruptions at this time of year, especially during the last block of the day when sports teams have early dismissal. I can definitely use this lesson! My level 3 students would love this. We've used many cortometrajes in other units this year, but they've never had a lesson based solely on film. They would love the sobrenatural aspect also. Thank you for sharing this!