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Crowd Sourcing for a Spanish 4+ unit: Ocho Apellidos Catalanes

Update 11/26/17: This project is pretty much done, unless someone wants to proofread it! Please feel free to do so... I did this very quickly! You can find the unit packet here (for free) or, if you use Google Classroom, you can find it dividid into parts here.

Have you seen the movie "Ocho Apellidos Catalanes"? It is available on Netflix. It is funny and full of Spanish cultural products, practices, and perspectives. (Note: This might not be appropriate for all school settings and I will definitely skip one of the first scenes!)

The movie is on Netflix and it is called "Spanish Affair 2".

I plan on using this movie next week. After this movie, we are going to get into our Lotería Navideña unit. Because there are some toques catalanes in the Danielle commercial this year, this movie will be a good way to delve into Spain and its comunidades autónomas and learn more about Spain. 

This movie is the sequel to "Ocho Apellidos Vascos." You can click here to see Bethanie Drew and Karen Goering's ACTFL 2017 presentation about that movie. I got some good ideas for my unit from them and I am sharing them for free here

I really want to show this movie in Spanish with Spanish subtitles, but it is definitely challenging! So, in order to prepare my students to do that, students will read about parts of the movie before watching it. Then they will watch the movie in segments and do some follow up activities (see below). I have started writing about the movie and also including some quotes from the movie (you can see what I have done so far on page 12 here).  I don't think I will have the time and energy to do this for the whole movie...

So, here is the crowdsourcing part... I am looking for teachers to help write out parts of the movie (similar to what I have done so far). This doc is open for anyone to edit. If you are interested, please jump on the doc and help out! If you do help out please leave your name and email in the doc and I will send you my lotería stuff for free (or anything else from my TPT store).

After watching parts of the movie (still not sure how I will divide it), students will have to do the following:

Reacciones, interpretaciones, y otras cosas - Después de ver cada parte, tienes que hacer una de estas cosas. No puedes repetir.
  • __________  Haz un Snapchat o post de Instagram como si fueras un personaje de la película y compártelo con la clase.
  • __________  Haz un Snapchat o post de Instagram explica algo, es una reacción a algo, y/o muestra algo cultural (3 Ps).
  • __________  Escribe un resumen de la parte que vimos.
  • __________  Escribe dos verdades y una mentira sobre la parte.
  • __________  Escribe una predicción sobre lo que va a pasar.
  • __________  Investiga un producto, práctica, o perspectiva cultural que viste en esta parte de la película y escribe lo que encontraste.
  • __________  Dibuja algo que puede ser una decoración para la clase.
  • __________  Escribe 3-5 preguntas sobre la parte de la película.
  • __________  ¿Qué cambiarías de la parte que vimos?
  • __________  ¿Qué harías tú si fueras un personaje de la película?
  • __________  Escribe una entrada del diario de una persona.
  • __________  ¿Qué quieres que un personaje de la película haga?
  • __________  Escribe una cita importante que un personaje dijo y describe porque es importante.
  • __________  Escribe unas palabras nuevas y/o interesantes mientras miras la película.
  • __________  Dibuja el ojo de un personaje y lo que ve y/o dibuja la cabeza de un pesonaje con globos de texto de lo que piensa.

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  1. For those looking for the film on Netflix, it's called A Spanish Affair 2 in English. :)

  2. Gracias Kara! I have a question. If the students are reading the text beforehand, how do they know how to fill it in appropriately? Are they just guessing and then you go over it as a class? Thanks again for your awesome resources.

    1. Well, it is kinda like a vocabulary activity - and basically the purpose is to ensure that they are reading the summaries *before* watching. Yes, we go over it as a class.

      The summaries include dialogue and vocabulary in the movie, so they are reading it and seeing it (AKA getting the INPUT) *BEFORE* they are hearing it.

      I hope that makes sense!