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CI Interviews: Estrella del Día

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Update 9/6/21: Here are my questions for this semester.

Update 1/29/20: Here are my questions fo this semester.

Update 8/18/19: Here are the questions that I will be using this year. And here is a template of the slideshow.

(Previous Post about La Estrella del Día)

I just started doing La Estrella del Día interviews in Spanish 1 and I am remembering how awesome it is! Versions of this are very popular in the "CI Teaching World". I learned about it from Sabrina Janczak at TCI Maine in 2015 (Sabrina said that she adapted the idea from Bryce Hedstrom's "La Persona Especial" idea). I blogged about it then, but I wanted to post about it again.

I have done these Estrella del Día interviews in Spanish 1 and Spanish 3 and it does take up a lot of class time, but it is totally worth it!

La Estrella del Día is explained pretty thoroughly in that blog post, but I have copied and pasted some of it here because I wanted to share it again.

Here is the process:
  • Students fill out a form with interview questions on it (with the help from me). 
    • Here is a document that I created (very similar to what Sabrina shared). Feel free to make a copy and add or subtract questions.
  • The teacher collects the sheets and then "interviews" 2-4 students a week. Students have their sheet in front of them and they read their answers. The rest of the class listens respectfully. The question slideshow, with images to help comprehension (this one is for Spanish 1), is projected during the interview so that everyone understands.
  • During the interview, the teacher asks follow up questions to the star of the day and/or asks related questions to the class. Also, I type their answers as they talk.
  • The teacher also takes a picture of them the day of the interview.
  • The day after the interview, the teacher shares the slideshow (with pictures that illustrate the answers and the picture of the student) to review the information shared the day before.
  • At the end of the week, there is a quiz (more personalized CI!). The quiz includes 6 sentences about each person that was interviewed that week and students have to write who each sentence was about.
  • This is an ongoing activity that will take many weeks.
Here are the reasons WHY I LOVE this activity (most of these are what Sabrina shared at TCI Maine):
  • Repetition that never gets boring
  • Compelling: it's always about them, their favorite topic
  • Students feel important and special 
  • Make students shine
  • Authentic conversation
  • Supported output (students use notes)
  • It includes writing, speaking, reading and listening
  • A chance to practice 1st, 2nd, 3rd person forms
  • Higher order thinking
  • Creates fantastic class culture 
  • Students can acquire some advanced grammatical structures, such as: imperfect subjunctive, conditional, present perfect, and others, depending on the questions you decide

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  1. Gracias!! This is so wonderful. I was wondering when in the year you started this in Spanish 1? Also, would you change the questions in Spanish 2 to make it more challenging?

    Thank you!! I am dying to give this a try and see how it goes, especially with my elementary Spanish students!

    1. I start this about 4 weeks into Spanish 1.

      I might change some questions, but keep the basic questions at the beginning for all levels. Good repetition!

      And, yes, please let me know how it goes!

  2. Sooo, I did this for the first time last week & we interviewed 3 students in SPN 2. They were into it & surprised by the information they were learning about their classmates. Then others began sending me personal photos to personalize their presentations which I also jazzed up with gifs,word art & memes. This took a lot of time so I'm going to let them jazz it up next time & then share it back. I made a 20 item statement quiz on socrative with the stars names as answer choices. I wrote it in English because I wanted to know if they understood all of the TL. Should I do the next one in Spanish? Thank you so much for sharing, this is my first CI class. I think you are amazing, REALLY.

    1. Hello! I am glad this is going so well for you and your students! I really like the quiz to be in Spanish because that way they are getting **more** input.

  3. Got it! I will switch the second to Spanish & let you know how it goes! :)

  4. ¡Señora Jacobs! I created the 2nd in Spanish & instead used Google Classroom for the quiz since it was easier to add pictures to each statement. I'll be honest...I thought they were not going to do well...but they did AMAZING! Thank you so much for helping me be a better teacher and for having the ♥ of a servant. ☺

  5. I really love this idea, but I have 27+ students in each section and also teach in an 84 minute A/B block. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. That is tricky! Maybe just do a modified shortened version with class created questions.