martes, 4 de diciembre de 2018

Pre-AP Conversación Simulada en Flipgrid

One of the most challenging, and awkward, parts of the AP test is the Interpersonal Speaking section. A Conversación Simulada is a great way to practice for that section of the test and to assess Interpersonal Speaking, which is challenging and oftentimes not assessed.

Arianne Dowd created this Conversación Simulada for my Perú unit and it was went really well. And they will be doing another one at the end of our lotería unit. I set it up on Flipgrid and thought I would share how to do that and what it looks like, so I made  a basic, and a bit rambling, 6 minute video below about how to make a Conversación Simulada with Flipgrid.

If you teach pre-AP or AP, this an excellent way to prepare students for that Interpersonal Conversation that is worth 12.5% of the exam. It is so tricky and strange, and students need a lot of practice. I have an AP workbook (Temas) and my students will be doing most of the practices in there before the exam. But, when it is in the context of a unit like this one or this one, it is much more natural... fun! Also, for grading, I recommend using a table like this, going question by question, and taking notes for each student.

Also, a few thoughts about AP... I love teaching it! But is is a difficultacademic test and students need to practice certain parts. I love that many students can earn college credit and save some $$ and/or possibly take one less class when they study abroad. Is AP for all? No, it is not, but do I see value in it? ABSOLUTELY!

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  1. Was looking at the assignment ready in the "22 otra vez" unit literally yesterday afternoon and was getting ready to stalk your blog until I figured out how to do this—it's like you knew!! ¡Gracias!

    1. Ha, ha! Was the video helpful? I felt like I was rambling a bit. Please let me know if you need any more explanation!

  2. VIDEO WAS PERFECT!!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  3. Me gusta esto! Especialmente porque lo ayudaré estudiantes con pronunciación!

  4. This write up - Conversación Simulada via Flipgrid is great!!!! The show & tell video is very helpful! ¡Gracias!