jueves, 4 de octubre de 2018

Intermediate Perú unit... with a Carlos Vives hook!

I love Carlos Vives! He has a new video out and it is a promotional video for tourism in Perú. I love the song and the video! So, I wrote up a story (more of a video description) about the video and highlighted some of the cultural aspects of it. You can see it below (or click here to make a copy for yourself!)

Then, I went down a rabbit hole of related resources (including three articles, videos, tourism websites, a Chifa Express commercial, and a menu)  and created an entire unit for Intermediates. You can find the unit packet here (for free). If you find this (or anything else that you have found here) consider supporting my work on Patreon or consider having me for a workshop.

Here are some of the cultural products, people, and/or places in this unit:
  • Historical and contemporary figures: José de San Martín, Atuahualpa, and Natalia Málaga
  • Comida: La Comida Chifa, Lomo saltado, Pachamanca, cebiche, causa, café del Perú, Superfoods Perú, Frutas, Súper granos
  • Monuments and places in Lima, Perú:  la playa de Miraflores, MALI, el Parque de las Aguas, el faro de Miraflores, el malecón de Miraflores, Astrid y Gastón, Huaca Huallamarca

If you would like a past tense version, click here and make a copy.

And, of course, Arianne Dowd, is also helping me out with this one! She has created a reading about Atahualpa (including a glyph!) and an AP-style simulated conversation between Carlos Vives and his wife.

You can see the Essential Questions, "I can" statements, and Evaluaciones in the unit packet here (for free). This unit is best for Intermediates with lots of AP preparation-type tasks and focus on authentic resources.

Also, if you just want the story and the song lyrics, click here and make a copy. 

And here is the YouTube playlist for the unit:

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