martes, 15 de enero de 2019

A cuento/canción for Intermediates: Tan Bien

Laura Sexton and Sharon Birch recently shared new music on their blogs and one song really grabbed my attention: Tan Bien by Lit Killah (what a name...) and Agus Padilla. 

I love the song and I think students will too! 

Stories always make the song much more meaningful and comprehensible. I created thie story below (or click here for a better view) for my Intermediate students, but I have run out of steam (due to working a pretty big other project) to create any other activities (like here). But if anyone wants to collaborate and/or help out, let me know... or go ahead and take it and adapt it (obviously don't sell it -- yup, I have to say that!).

Some things I would add (and might end up doing in the future):

The story includes biographical information about the two singers - who are 18 and 17 -- so young that they don't even have Wikipedia pages yet!

I also took screen shots out of order to create the story. And, of course, I included structures and vocabulary directly from the song. So after spending some time with the story, they will better understand the song.

Important note: If you use the story, WAIT to show them the video! Play the song as they enter or the week before, but don't show them the video - it will take away some engagement and joy!

martes, 8 de enero de 2019

Una gran mascota: Chimuelo

Warning: This lesson is not for everyone... for a variety of reasons.

This morning I had a delayed opening and I went down a rabbit hole of #Chimuelo tweets! There are two videos (combined into one here) that went viral and this meme sums up how I (and many others) felt about the videos ------->>>

Basically Chimuelo was the pet of Renato, a 12 year old boy from Chile. Chimuelo had a genetic deformity and couldn't fly, so Renato named the bird after the dragon in the movie "How to train your dragon" (the dragon couldn't fly either). Chimuelo was a very special pet for Renato, but then he died of a heart attack. Renato had a burial for Chimuelo, filmed it, sent it via Whatapp to his family and then it went viral from there.

I thought students would be interested in it... and that it could generate some good class discussions, so I created a little lesson for it.

Below is the presentation (click here to make a copy). It is for Intermediates, but could be adapted and simplified.

I included some links to some articles and other videos and lots of screenshots of tweets to look at after the initial story and video. These could lead to some great class discussions!

viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2018

Get more CI out of Quizlet Live (or Gimikit)!

Resultado de imagen para quizlet liveQuizlet Live and Gimkit are great tools for a variety of reasons and many teachers use it.

I love them because they creates class culture by having students work together with different people and I can quickly mix up the groups if I am not liking some dynamics and/or seeing imbalances with teams. I also have 85 minute classes, so I this a great way to break up that long time period.

I sometimes use these tech tools to quickly preview/introduce vocabulary for a story and/or a unit and students play with English to Spanish definitions. This is quick and easy. Here is an example set.

However, far more frequently, we play Quizlet Live and Gimkit with fill-ins and comprehension questions and this is a much more useful and CI focused way to use it. It is also much slower and students have to read and think a lot more! 

A few people have asked about what the sets look like, so here are a couple of sets from Quizlet (I export these to Gimkit too). This one is to review the story "Un hombre un poco obsesionado" (to go along with the song "Ella"). These are some of the questions in the Quizlet set.

When I choose how to play, I choose the version on the right, which requires a subscription (worth it for me!):

Here is an example of fill-ins. This one is to review part 2 of the Intermediate version of "22 otra vez"

And again, when playing Quizlet Live, I would choose the version on the right.