jueves, 19 de septiembre de 2019

Another Story/Song of the Week for Novices

Oh, how I love teaching Spanish 1!

I can write up short, basic stories and get so much out of them. I can also get them really liking Spanish class and very engaged... especially with fun music videos and stories.

Step 1: Tell your students that you are going to tell them a story based on a music video. Tell them they will get to see the video after they listen and understand the story.

Step 2: Tell students the story (click here or see below) (which leaves out some key details and the ending). You can do a listen a draw, read it directly to them, read it to them and act it out, project and read together, read alone, or whatever!

Step 3: Watch your students watch the video and see their reactions. So fun! #Engagement

Step 4: Do the cloze activity with the song.

Step 5-??: Do some other activities with the story, such as cierto/falso, re-tells (spoken or written), the marker game, Quizlet Live, Kahoot, comprehension questions, etc.

sábado, 7 de septiembre de 2019

Yo no sé

"Yo no sé" is a song that has been on one of my playlists for a few weeks, but I wasn't sure if I liked it. But then I saw the video, read the lyrics, and thought, "Oh, yes, this will be a hit with students!" My husband also heard it (on repeat) and agreed that it was a good one.

The song is so repetitive and sweet (and appropriate!). So, I wrote up a little story to use with my Spanish 1 students. I also created a basic cloze activity and translated the song. Click here if you would like to use the story or just the cloze activity.

Update 9/19/19: I just created this video and made a little evaluacioncita for it for after the story.

lunes, 12 de agosto de 2019

New (free) Story/Song of the Week for Novices: Atrévete

I really like this new video and song by Nicky Jam and Sech, "Atrévete." It is a sweet, romantic song and a cute video. (Yes, it is another typical hetero-love story video, but I still like it and I think students will too.) Check it out here:
So, I made a slideshow to use for story/song of the week. Click here if you want to make a copy of it for yourself and adapt it. And this doc has the text to adapt if you would like.

There are lots of things that you could do with what I am sharing (listen to the podcast linked here), but here are some recommendations:

  • Go over the goals of this story/song of the week.
  • Play Quizlet Live to give a preview of the important vocabulary (there is also a list in the doc). Note: Students do not need to know all of the vocabulary before the story. They will acquire it as you tell the story and from the activities that they do.
  • Use slides 5-8 to co-create a story with the class. Do this orally.
  • Use slides 9-11 to write out the story with the class.
  • Explain that the story that they will hear is based on a music video (slide 12).
  • Tell the students about the two singers (slides 13-14).
  • Play Quizlet Live to review information about Nicky Jam and Sech.
  • Tell the story. Use the script in the doc
  • After slide 38, ask students to write some possible solutions. Students can write them in English, Spanish, and/or Spanglish. Type some of the suggested solutions on slides 40-41. Discuss each one.
  • Show the video! 
  • Do the cloze activity (in  doc) with the song and go over the translation. Try to sing it for a week or two.
  • Tell the story the next day with the text on the slideshow. Students can translate with partners or as a class.
  • Have students review the text with textivate.