viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2018

La Lotería: Dreaming Spanish Edpuzzle and a preview of resources!

Maris Hawkins, Arianne Dowd and I are working on some great stuff for the new Spanish lotería commercial: 22 otra vez. If you haven't seen it, check it out:

We are working on readings and other activities for Novices and Intermediates and we will be sharing soon-ish!

To start this unit, I am going to have my students do this Edpuzzle to learn about the Spanish lotería. Thanks to Pablo for making this video!

After that, they will do the Task Talk with students and as a whole class discussion.

Then, we will delve into the reading, other activities (¿Quién lo dijo/hizo?, Quizlet Live, Gimkit, Kahoot Jumble, Quizizz, and more), and then finally watch the commercial!

And here a preview of what we are working on. This is the Intermediate version. We have broken the commercial into four parts. This part of the slideshow has the beginning activities and the reading for part 1 (up to 1:13).

jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2018

BVP Style Task Talk for La Lotería Navideña

Resultado de imagen para while we're on the topicI have blogged about Bill Van Patten's book While We're On The Topic before. I, again, highly recommend it! One thing that I really like are what BVP calls "Tasks". BVP explains the difference between Exercises, Activities, and Tasks in detail in his book, but I super-simplified it in this post.

I also shared two examples of Tasks: one for Weekend Talk and one for ¿Jugamos más deportes ahora o jugábamos más cuando éramos niños? These Tasks, in addition to being communicative, are also giving lots of INPUT and building community in the class because of the wrap-up class discussion where they share about what they learned about their classmates.

I like Tasks so much, that I decided to create one to use as starter activity at the beginning of my Lotería unit. See the doc below and/or click here to make a copy of it.

And on the lotería note, I am working on creating resources for the new anuncio that came out yesterday!

miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2018

La Lotería Navideña... otra vez

I LOVE the anuncios for la lotería navideña! They tell wonderful, heart warming stories and they are the perfect basis for a CI Story Unit that is full of cultural products, practices, and perspectives! Students LOVED this unit last year and it was the perfect way to spend the two weeks before Christmas break!

(If you don't know much about this Spanish Christmas tradition, check out this podcast from 99% Invisible. Also, if you want a reading for Intermediates, I translated that post form 99% Invisible and you can find it here for free.)

The ad for this year just came out this morning and here it is:

And here are my favorites that I have used in class. And here is a link to article with even more!

I have created a unit packet with resources for three commercials (and I also use Martina Bex's resources for Justino): the 250th anniversary, Carmina, and Danielle. See below for free resources and previews of Carmina and Danielle. I will be adding resources for the new commercial to that bundle soon!

I also created some free activities to go along with these two infografías: