miércoles, 13 de enero de 2021

Canvas resources for the book "Minerva" and the movie "En el tiempo de las mariposas"

I am currently teaching a unit that centers on the Fluency Matters book Minerva. After the book, we will watch the movie "En el tiempo de las mariposas"(available on Amazon). The movie is in English, but I give students lots of input with this slideshow created by Arianne Dowd (TONS of resources in her Film Guide)

I have taught this unit before, but without the book Minerva. The book has been the perfect, comprehensible addition! And the Teacher's Guide has a lot of extra readings and activities. Those + e-activities = TONS of comprehensible, engaging input.

I am using Canvas this year (nd loving it!) and I am teaching in a hybrid schedule with two days each week that are totally asynchronous, so I have been Canvas-ifying lots of things. Some I can't share because they are from either Arianne's film guide or the Fluency Matters Teacher's Guide, but I am going to share a few things here. 

First, I made a basic "intro the República Dominicana" activity with this video. Students have to watch, write down what they hear and then do a matching activity. Here is the Canvas quiz.

I also took the text from Arianne's slideshow and created three Canvas quizzes (autograded!). Here is a video to show what they look like:

And here are the links to those in the Commons:

I also created two Canvas quizzes for two songs. One is for the song "Tú me dejaste de querer" (it combines bachata and flamenco). It is just a good song and doesn't really necessarily relate to the book. Here is a link to that in the Commons. 

The other song is "Antipatriarca" by Ana Tijoux. Below is a video that explains that Canvas quiz. And here is the link to the quiz in the Commons. 

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2020

La lotería de Navidad 2020... and a TPT sale

 The 2020 commercials for the Spanish Christmas lottery came out yesterday and like always, they aref full lots of possibilities for using in class. I think I will just use the first one from this year and just keep it simple (no massive resource creating this year with hybrid happening!)

If you are looking for lotería resources, I am throwing a sale on all of my lotería resources - there are TON - click here to see them. 

Keep scrolling down to see all the commercials that are excellent for class! 

You can also find lots of free stuff if you search lotería on my blog. 

Here are some suggestions to get started and to explain what the Spanish Christmas lottery is.

Here are the previous year's ads that I have used and created resources for. 

This one was during the economic crisis in 2014. I just give a brief description of what happens in the commercial, but leave out the ending. I make sure to emphasize that a coffee there costs $1.

sábado, 3 de octubre de 2020

Bingo Musical + Canvas + Remote Day (or in class)

Update 3/1/21: Here is a Bingo Muscial for March Madness (day 3). And here are two more Selena songs (we are reading the reader Selena right now!): Como la flor and Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

Whoa! What a school year so far... and somehow I am only three weeks in (with students)!

My school has a hybrid schedule with two cohorts. 
  • Cohort A is in school Monday and Tuesday and does asynchronous work on Thursday and Friday. 
  • Cohort B does asynchronous work on Monday and Tuesday and is in school on Thursday and Friday. 
  • On Wednesdays, we are all remote and we meet with our classes  - both cohorts at the same time - for 30 minutes. Then, they have 30(ish) minutes of work to do after. 
  • Cohort B will always be two days behind cohort A... which makes our Wednesdays a bit tricky!
Since, cohort B is two days behind, we can't "continue with our unit" on Wednesdays.

So, thanks to Samara Spielberg and Bethanie Drew, I have an excellent solution: Bingo Musical! 

NOTE: This something I would actually use in ANY teaching situation - normal - remote - hybrid - bla bla.

Here is an example:

So, basically we Meet (can't use Zoom in my district anymore) and play two rounds of Bingo Musical. Students watch and listen to the music video twice. They type "bingo" in the chat as they win... there are lots of winners.

Then, they go and do a cloze (auto-graded!) activity, a translation (auto-graded!) activity, and give their opinion in Canvas. 

Here is why I love this activity:
  • We are definitely hitting this standard --> Communities: Lifelong Learning: Learners set goals and reflect on their progress in using languages for enjoyment, enrichment, and advancement.
  • Also, students are seeing and hearing an authentic resource from the Spanish speaking world. They are seeing a ton of cultural products, practices, and perspectives.
  • It is fun! 
  • They are getting to translate the song in an easy way (see video above).
  • It is auto graded!
  • It solves my "What the heck to I do with the whole group on Wednesdays when half of them are a day behind the other half?!"
Below are the five Bingo Musical slideshows that I have made so far. Feel free to make copies and adapt. The links to the Canvas "Quizzes" are also in the slideshows.