viernes, 17 de mayo de 2019

A new *appropriate* series: Go! Vive a tu manera

Want something to talk about with students!?! Check out the series Go! Vive a tu manera on Netflix. 

It is super cursi, but also pretty engaging. My AP students and I are (very slowly) watching it now and we are kinda love-hating it (well, at least I am!). 

It is set in a boarding school, St. Mary, that has a special program for the arts called Go!. The school is in Argentina, so my students are hearing and seeing (Spanish subtitles) a ton of that Argentinian accent and the voseo (which I love because I studied abroad in Buenos Aires). 

And it is rated PG! There are no swears and no nudity! Yay! Check out the trailer here.

So, we are watching, pausing (a lot), and discussing as we watch each day. We have been spending 20-30 minutes a day doing this and it is going very well. After each episode, they will fill out this sheet (feel free to make a copy and adapt) and we will discuss that as well. 

I am considering using this show with my Spanish 3s at the end of the year (I am done June 25th). With them, I will probably do "Write and discuss" each day and then do Textivate with the text that we create. I might also use this sheet (slightly adapted from the one above).

viernes, 10 de mayo de 2019

La graduación = La libertad

Have you seen Álvaro Soler's new song/video "La libertad"? I love it and here is why:
  • Álvaro Soler sings it and students like everything that he does.
  • It has a great message.
  • It is catchy.
  • It is super repetitive.
  • It is pretty comprehensible.
  • The vocabulary that is not comprehensible is excellent for students to acquire: aguantar, hogar, picaba, parar, olvidé, más allá, acaba de... among others. 
  • The video is very appropriate (with the exception of a few quick shots of some drinks that may or may not be alcoholic).

I am currently teaching my AP Spanish class with some special seniors (four that I have had for this full year for 85 minutes a day, four that I traveled to Ecuador with this past summer,  and one that I have had for four different classes) and some special juniors too... so when I saw this song, I thought it would be a perfect connection to graduation... because:
  • Graduation from high school = (some) FREEDOM! 
So I wrote up a little story (it is very basic and possibly kinda lame) that incorporates some of the lyrics from the song. I also made a few activities with the song lyrics. You can find it here, make a copy and change it to fit your school. 

martes, 30 de abril de 2019

Jumping on the Kitipun bandwagon!

You may have seen and/or heard about the song Kitipun by Juan Luis Guerra. I read about it on the Creative Language Classroom blog and then on Carrie Toth's blog... and now, I have finally jumped on the Kitipun bandwagon! Watch and listen here:

There are 39 objects listed in this song and most of them are pretty basic words. And the song and video are sweet and appropriate - yay!

Here is what I did yesterday with one of my classes:
  • Reviewed the list of objects mentioned in the song (see slide 2 below) to make sure they knew what all the words meant. All students had a copy of the list.
  • I cut up the sheet with all the objects and put little slips of paper in a bowl.
  • The class was divided into two teams. The teams alternated turns with a timer of thirty seconds. One team member had to do the following:
    • Choose a slip of paper at random.
    • Describe the object with words only to the team. There was no acting, since this is an advanced class, but it could be done with charades for lower level classes.
      • Another option for lower level classes would be for the teacher to write out and/or say definitions and have the students guess the words.
    • Choose another slip of paper and repeat as many times as possible for thirty seconds.
    • The number of objects guessed correctly = the number of points.
  • After that game, I showed slides 3-5 to review the objects again. This could be done in a variety of ways: ¿Qué es esto?, this or that?, cierto/falso, matamoscas, preguntas, etc.
  • We did a cloze activity with the lyrics.
  • Then we watched the video - which is so cool because after the variety of input, they can understand so much of it and make the connection between hearing the objects and seeing the objects!
  • Then we watched some of the videos about the Kitipun Challenge.
  • And, because this class is a wonderful, fun group of students, we danced!
  • We will sing the song for the rest of the week and enjoy the video too!
Here are some links, in case you want to adapt for your own use: