miércoles, 13 de abril de 2022

A Board Game in Spanish from the UN?!?

I have wanted to incorporate the U.N.'s Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible for a long time in my classes and I finally found a way! In my AP class, we are starting a unit with the movie También la lluvia (I use LOTS of resources from Arianne Dowd). There are many themes and many layers in that movie, but one of the most important themes is the importance of WATER. So, I decided to have my students delve into Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible #6: Agua Limpia y Saneamiento. 

But first, I wanted them to learn about what ALL 17 of the ODS are, so they read a bit (p. 1 here), watched the video below, and wrote what the objetivos were:

Then, we had a short class discussion about what goals they thought were most important and why... that is a challenge!

Then, we got ready to play the board game that the UN has developed (found here). I learned about this board game from Leslie Davison at iFLT in 2018 and I was so happy to finally use it. Thanks Leslie!

I knew there would be some words they didn't know and/or needed to review, so they did a 4 minute Gimkit with these words. After that, I gave them a paper copy for quick reference (which they hardly used!). Then, finally, students played the board game and it was excellent! They really enjoyed it and learned a lot. They played in groups of 3 for about 35-40 minutes. 

The goals of playing the game were these:
  • Escuchar atentamente
  • Hablar con tus compañeros sobre el mundo
  • Aprender sobre los ODS de la ONU
  • Aprender sobre el mundo
  • Repasar y/o adquirir "Vocabulario AP”
Board for game

Sample cards for game

We adapted the suggested game rules a bit. Students had to answer a questions correctly first, then roll the die and then move. 

Next, students will delve into Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible #6. See pages 3-8 for what they will do. Two things in particular that I am loving recently are the Project Zero Thinking Routines: See, Think, Wonder and Word, Phrase Sentence.

Students will do the Word, Phrase, Sentence activity a couple of times, once with this video. After they do that, they share with a partner or group of 3 and each group shares out their best Word, Phrase and Sentences. It is such a simple, but deep way to start to talk about texts or videos. 

sábado, 22 de enero de 2022

Canción/Cuento de la semana: Melancólicos Anónimos

It’s been a while since I have felt inspired to create anything and post here, but when I saw this song and heard this video, I thought “well, this song and video are perfect for a story script!” I will use this with my upper level classes (4/5 & AP) to start second semester. 

My upper level students have really been wanting some grammar explanations. They want to better understand the patterns that they are noticing. So, to start students will do a quick grammar activity. My hope is that they will notice the patterns. This is the activity:

Those past perfect verbs are structures that they will see in the story that they will read. 

After doing that quick grammar activity, we will read the story together. The story includes lines from the song and adaptations of lines from the song. As we read, we will either act out sections of the story, translate some sections or I will ask questions after reading sections. Then, students will do this:

And finally, after that, they will answer these questions:

Here is the doc with the activities and the story.  Feel free to use and adapt, but please share back anything else that you create!

viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2021

Some resources for teaching about Spain

For the first part of my Cultura y Civilización (4/5/6) class, we have done units on legends in the Spanish speaking world (Leyendas Impactantes), a big unit about Chile, (currently) a unit on Día de Muertos, and on Fridays we watch Gran Hotel. For the second half of the class, students will be learning about Spain, past and present. Our curriculum is not heavy on Spain at all, so there is a lot they don't know! 

Before Winter Break, we are going to do a unit around the movie "La lengua de las mariposas" (I LOVE this movie so much). Most of the resources that I will use are from Kristy Placido and Arianne Dowd, but I will be creating some more resources as well. In order to really understand and appreciate the movie, students have to understand a bit about the Spanish Civil War. So, to start the unit, students will do an Edpuzzle with the video: 

I have also written up the text and will create a Textivate Sequence.

After Winter Break, we will focus on current day Spain and do a lighter unit around the movie "Ocho apellidos catalanes". I love that movie too (and yes, definitely skip some parts!)

I also plan on using lots of other Dreaming Spanish videos during the last part of the class. Here are some links to Edpuzzles: