miércoles, 6 de marzo de 2019

Canción/Cuento de la semana: Bailo la pena

I LOVE the new Macaco song/video "Bailo la pena".  The song has a fun, positive message and the video is excellent. It is somewhat similar to "Soy yo," but I might like it a little bit more!

So, I wrote up a story (see below or find it here) to tell when I use this song for Cuento/Canción de la semana. I also wrote up some comprehension questions that I might use. I am working on a major project right now, so I don't have time to create a variety of activities (like I talk about in this podcast/presentation), but I might create them in the future. A listen and draw is always a good one to start with and requires only the script!

There is also novice version at the end of the doc, but since I am teaching Spanish 3 and AP right now, I won't be using that.

I read this article and it mentioned Stranger Things, so in the story I mentioned that in the story, but if you (or your students) aren't familiar with that, feel free to take it out.

Note: The video is on certain slides, but it is set to only show part of the video.

And, as always, feel free to make copies and adapt to your needs, but please be sure to give me credit! 

lunes, 4 de marzo de 2019

Los 3 Ps relacionados con la salud: a Task and a Song/Story

I have used the song "La Curandera" by Elastic Bond many times. Students usually like it and there are a lot of health related cultural products, practices, and perspectives in the song, so it can lead to students doing una comparación cultural as an evaluación. If you have AP at your school, this is a good one to do in level 3!

I am using "La Curandera" again to start my health unit in Spanish 3, but this time I have a story to go along with thanks to Mike Farkas, who shared a story to go along with the song. Then, I took what he gave me and together, we came up with this slideshow. He also made this activity for the story.

However, before we get into the story, to start the unit, we are going to start with this BVP-style Task (see theses posts to learn more about what I am referring to) to talk about our cultural products, practices and perspectives related to health.

Then, I am going to tell the story and then have students read and illustrate. I want them to just listen and see images first. You will see that they text fades in on the click, so I can just tell them, but then use the text if I want to. After that, they will work with the text and do some of these activities.

Students will also learn about dengue with some infografías and a PSA. Click here to find those free resources.

domingo, 3 de marzo de 2019

Una canción para "La belleza y la estética": Chicas de revista

What a perfect song for the AP Theme of La belleza y la estética! I am starting that AP unit tomorrow and this song will be a great way to start. 

Students will explore the People en español: Ponte bella site and then do some pre and post questions related to the song. You can find the activities here for free.