miércoles, 27 de junio de 2018

More than just Song of the Week...

Many teachers do "Canción de la Semana," and many do "Artista/Cantante de la Semana" too (click here for some free resources), but this past year in my Spanish 1 class, I did a combined "Cuento/Canción de la Semana," and it was very successful!

All of the "stories" (some are more like descriptions) are based on popular music videos. Students acquired a lot of language, were engaged, and saw a lot of cultural products, practices, and perspectives.

So, I have bundled 14 of the stories and a ton of resources to use throughout a Spanish 1, 2, or even 3 class. You can find them here on TPT.

These are the songs that are included. There are two immigration songs because we did a big immigration unit. Those two songs could be used at separate times during the semester.

Here is an example that I am going to start with this coming year. I think it is going to be a hit! 

Here is what I did almost every week with my Spanish 1 students:
  • Monday: 
    • As students enter, play the song (do this every day all week), but don't show the video yet!
    • Tell students the story/description in a Story Listening fashion (or read more about it here) , meaning just have students listen. Communicate meaning by drawing, acting, and/or writing in English. By doing this quiet listening, students are learning to make meaning of sounds.
    • Show the video.
    • If time (and if there is a cloze activity for the song), listen to the song, do a cloze activity, and go over the translation of the song in English. I have found that students will be much more engaged with songs if they get the gist of what it is saying! 
  • Tuesday:
    • Listen to the song, read along, and try to sing the song. 
    • Students read the text of the story/description and translate it together as a class or in partners.
    • If there is a slideshow, 
    • Start Textivate Sequence (due at end of the week). These are usually translations (Spanish to English) and Put the Story in Order.
  • Wednesday:
    • Work on Textivate Sequence (due at end of the week).
    • Other activities, such as: Quizlet Live, listening and acting out the story, Agárralo (AKA The Marker Game), listen and draw, and listen and identify picture.
  • Thursday:
    • Work on Textivate Sequence (due at end of the week).
    • Other activities, such as: Quizlet Live, listening and acting out the story, Agárralo (AKA The Marker Game), listen and draw, and listen and identify picture.
  • Friday:
    • Textivate Sequences are due.
    • Quiz - usually cierto/falso about the story.

miércoles, 6 de junio de 2018

Más para la Copa Mundial: Lionel Messi

Resultado de imagen para lionel messi
Update: 6/10/18: I have created a mini unit with this resource. Click here to purchase it on TPT.

We are just finishing up our Copa Mundial unit (on TPT) and it has been a big hit! Students have loved the music (seven new songs!), learned about la Copa Mundial, acquired a lot of language, and reflected on and analyzed so many cultural products, practices, and perspectives. It has been such a positive unit to end with my class of mostly seniors! And students were very engaged with the Digital Breakout that they did today (find it here as part of Nelly's resources).

But, I can't stop coming across amazing resources to use next time around (in the fall, because this unit doesn't have to be taught at World Cup time)! 

The most recent resource is this Gatorade commercial. It basically tells the life story of Lionel Messi. It is in English, so I made a slideshow and wrote the story in Spanish. I plan on developing some more activities to go along with it soon. Below is a sample of part of the slideshow. The entire slideshow (41 slides) with videos is included in my Copa Mundial unit (on TPT).

The end of the commercial is referring to this, when Messi scored a hat trick 
in the final qualifier for the 2018 Copa Mundial:
And to wrap it all up, you can have students dance and sing to this gem!

viernes, 25 de mayo de 2018

Last unit of the year ?!? La Copa Mundial!

Aaaah, sports... not everyone is into them, but they are such a big part of so many cultures.
Why? Because they bring joy, hopelaughter, pride, and unity

(Here is my favorite example that I share with students to start the unit. I was at that game five days after I had run and finished the 2013 marathon. Scroll down for another, longer description of another special moment for me.)

And that is why I love teaching about La Copa Mundial, especially during a year that it is happening, like this year! This unit is such a good way to end with my seniors (I have two and a half more weeks with them and four more weeks with the underclassmen). The songs are positive and uplifting and full of cultural products, practices, and perspectives!

Not all students are interested in sports, so how to hook them?!? The music!!! Even my most anti-sports students end up loving this unit because of the music. I have been teaching a Copa Mundial unit since 2011 (here is what I started... it is so much better now!)

This year, I am using most of Nelly Hughes' excellent resources, but I have also compiled a unit packet that includes:
  • Essential Questions for the unit
  • A possible assessment with a rubric
  • Questions to start discussing sports and their role in culture
  • Questions to answer while navigating the Fifa site
  • A question about this infografía,
  • Questions about this infografía 
  • An adapted Buzzfeed article (35 Cosas que harían los mexicanos con tal de ver a México ganar el Mundial) with questions
  • And most importantly ----> activities for SEVEN of the NEW SONGS/VIDEOS  #Engagement 
  • Four basic interpretive reading activities (read an article and answer questions in English) for four of the songs 

And here is my playlist (with all seven songs plus some other songs and videos) for the unit: 

My other special sports moment... 

I was in Costa Rica in 2014 with students when their team made it the farthest that they had ever made it. When we arrived, the ticos were sooooo proud and excited, but they all said that they wouldn't win the next game against the Netherlands.

We watched the game in Arenal at the hot springs with lots of tourists, but also with ticos. Everyone watched the entire time,  and many were singing and cheering for most of the game. Even my students started to cheer and sing once they actually realized what was happening. Costa Rica played amazingly well and the game was tied at the end. It went into penalty kicks... you could feel the hope and excitement that they could actually win, but Costa Rica ended up losing. It was a heartbreaker! But the way they fans reacted was incredible. At the end of the game, the ticos were clearly and obviously disappointed for a moment, but then started cheering and chanting --- it was a pretty special thing to be a part of. And my students got to experience it too! Talk about CULTURAL practices and perspectives!!