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Units and Resources for Spanish 1!

Image result for 1I don't teach Spanish 1 often, probably only three times in the last ten years, but I love teaching it! I would teach it every year if I could! Two years ago I relied heavily on Elena López and Amy Zimmer for resources. They are both amazing and shared so much with me! This year I tried some new things and still relied heavily on their resources for some units.

Here is the grid with the units and resources that I used this year. Some things I didn't use this year and those are in purple font. I kept them in there because they are good and might be useful for others, but they were replaced by some other new things this year.

For me, Spanish 1 is one semester long and class is 90 minutes long... during the last blog! It has been a fantastic class this semester. These are non-honors, mostly freshmen. And I am sooooo impressed with what they have acquired! They know so many random words, sometimes I have to ask, "How do you know that?" Many of the words come from different stories.

Because I have 90 minute classes, I have a lot of "ongoing" units that you will see in the grid. Also, we do a lot of Quizlet Live with vocab and quesitons and answers... and now we are also doing lots of Gimkit!

Here are some of the new things that I did this year in Spanish 1:
  • OWI (One Word Images) -  We did this to start the semester. We only did four of them, but I loved it! Highly recommended! If you want to learn more, search some blogs and/or read: A Natural Approach to Stories
  • Story/Description Listening (not really official "Story Listening") with a reward! So far we have done the first 13 of the stories in this doc (I need to update the doc with lots of Textivate links) and we will do a couple more by the end of the year. They have acquired so much from these stories/descriptions and we have a fantastic playlist of popular music that they know (Communities Standard: Lifelong Learning: Learners set goals and reflect on their progress in using languages for enjoyment, enrichment, and advancement.) P.S. These stories are FREE!!!
  • Textivate - I bought the premium subscription and it is totally worth it! Check out an example of a Sequence that my students would do. It is based on the story "Alvaro tiene un problema."
  • Sr. Wooly - Sometimes a story is a big part of the unit, but I also have students do the nuggets on the side, for homework, which mostly occurs during our TASC blog (45 minute extra help/enrichment/work blog that we have every day). Students acquire a ton from these silly videos! And they almost never complain about doing nuggets... I am pretty sure that they really enjoy them! My Spanish 1s are on their eighth round of nuggets. So far, they have done No lo tengo, la invitación, me duele, ?Puedo ir al baño?, Las Excusas, ?Adónde vas?, Billy la Bufanda, and (currently) Guapo. They will also do La Confesión de Víctor.
  • Living on One Dollar - We used Eric Herman's Readings to go along with the eight Change Series videos, instead of just watching the documentary. 

In case you missed it, here is what I teach in Spanish 2 and 3 and here are 25+ units that I have used in Cultura y Civilización.

martes, 22 de mayo de 2018

What I teach in Spanish 2 and Spanish 3

I previously posted the 25+ units that I have done in my Cultura y Civilización course (Spanish 4, 5, 6, and 7). I have taught that course (usually parts 1 and 2) every year for the past 7 years, so I have a ton of units for that course. I teach Spanish 2 and 3 every other year, so I don't have as many units for those courses, but today I am sharing what I do in Spanish 2 and 3. Spanish 1 is still being pulled together in a shareable format, but it will be coming soon!

Spanish 2 (click here for grid)
I taught Spanish 2 last year and will teach it again last year. My Spanish 2 curriculum is a mix of story units (based on cortometrajes and Sr. Wooly songs) and some authentic resource-type units (one from adiostextbook). Because my department is still somewhat traditional, and I am not the main Spanish 2 teacher, you will see that there is still some explicit grammar taught in Spanish 2. Mostly I use Martina Bex resources for that part of the course.

Spanish 3 (click here for grid)
My Spanish 3 curriculum is a mix of story units (based on authentic songs and Sr. Wooly songs), lots of activities authentic resources, and a lot of pre-AP type of activities (cultural comparisons and interpretive reading and listening activities with authentic resources). Because my department is still somewhat traditional, and I am not the main Spanish 3 teacher, you will see that there is still some explicit grammar taught in Spanish 3, but I am doing less and less of that. (A big thanks to Arianne Dowd for making my Spanish 3 curriculum soooo much better this year!)

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ALL 25 of my Cultura y Civilización units in one doc!

You may have seen that Carrie Toth and Kristy Placido recently shared their Scope and Sequence for levels 1-4. Those posts are so helpful!

I am working on pulling everything together for 1-AP and putting it into a shareable doc too.
I teach a variety of classes (from 1-AP) each year and I have been changing so much of what I do during the past few years, so it is taking me a while to pull it all together in an shareable, understandable-to-others format.

In the meantime, I am sharing a grid with the 25+  units that I have created and used for my Cultura y Civilización course during the last seven year. This class has a very wide variety of proficiency levels in it! It can be the 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th Spanish class for students. They can take it twice, so I rotate units. The units are not in any particular order, as I pick and choose depending on the class. Some of these units could definitely be used in level 3 too... more on that to come! 

The grid in the doc includes: 

  • Preguntas Esenciales for almost all units
  • UbD documents (some much better than others)
  • Links to blog posts about most units
  • Links to unit packets (some free, some paid)
  • Links to the paid resources (from meCarrie, Kristy, ArianneNelly, and Martina).

This doc still does not include all of what I do in that class. For instance, the "Canciones de la Semana" mini units! For example, "Quisiera alejarme," which has been a big hit this past week!