sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2016

Radiohead or TPT style payment?

Image result for radioheadHello! Do you visit this site a lot? Or is it the first time
you have been here? Have you used some of the resources that I have created and shared here? Have the resources here saved you some time? Have the resources made your job more enjoyable and/or easier?

I don't sell that much on TPT, but I do share a lot here for free, including: slideshows (that have taken hours to create), unit packets (that have taken years to improve), song resources (that make class more engaging), and lots of other activities!

If you want to support my work (and/or just give me some encouragement),

I have chosen the Radiohead model of "purchasing": choose your price or don't pay at all. If you do click and give, thanks!

4 comentarios:

  1. That's very generous of you to share the amazing things you come up with (and for free)!

    I definitely appreciate it as I tend to not buy things from teachers via TPT and don't try to sell myself either. Part of me thinks that I get maximum exposure helping people by simply sharing it for free.

    The other side of me realizes that I am still not the teacher I want to be and I don't feel right charging for something that is still in progress! :-)

    Hope your school year is going swimmingly!

    1. Hi Jeremy. Thanks! I am the same, still in progress (and probably always will be). My husband teaches economics and thinks I should be a little less socialist and a bit more capitalist ;) so I decided to add this option for frequent visitors or one time visitors (for whom I may have saved hours of work and/or given them some inspiration).

      My year is going very well! Loving teaching Spanish 1 in this new (for me) TPRS/CI-ish way. Also teaching Cultura y Civilización this semester and I always love that class. Hope your year is going well too!

  2. I just stumbled upon your site. Love your altruism!! Going to check it out further as the school year progresses. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love your site, we are going OER this year and I have found lots of stuff that is very useful!! :) THANK YOU for all your hard work! Just a question, since I see the creative commons image on your work is it ok to use and how can I link to credit you?

    Thank you!