sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2016

Radiohead or TPT style payment?

Image result for radioheadHello! Do you visit this site a lot? Or is it the first time
you have been here? Have you used some of the resources that I have created and shared here? Have the resources here saved you some time? Have the resources made your job more enjoyable and/or easier?

I don't sell much on TPT (except for the wonderful Gran Hotel guides with Mike Peto and a few other things - actually now I sell more), but I do share a lot here for free, including: slideshows (that have taken hours to create), unit packets (that have taken years to improve), song resources (that make class more engaging), and lots of other activities!

I have started selling a few things TPT, but I have also kept a lot of things for free so I added a new link in the top right corner (or click here) for blog visitors to give back (if they want to). I have chosen the Radiohead model of "purchasing": choose your price or don't pay at all. If you do click and give, thanks!

4 comentarios:

  1. That's very generous of you to share the amazing things you come up with (and for free)!

    I definitely appreciate it as I tend to not buy things from teachers via TPT and don't try to sell myself either. Part of me thinks that I get maximum exposure helping people by simply sharing it for free.

    The other side of me realizes that I am still not the teacher I want to be and I don't feel right charging for something that is still in progress! :-)

    Hope your school year is going swimmingly!

    1. Hi Jeremy. Thanks! I am the same, still in progress (and probably always will be). My husband teaches economics and thinks I should be a little less socialist and a bit more capitalist ;) so I decided to add this option for frequent visitors or one time visitors (for whom I may have saved hours of work and/or given them some inspiration).

      My year is going very well! Loving teaching Spanish 1 in this new (for me) TPRS/CI-ish way. Also teaching Cultura y Civilización this semester and I always love that class. Hope your year is going well too!

  2. I just stumbled upon your site. Love your altruism!! Going to check it out further as the school year progresses. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love your site, we are going OER this year and I have found lots of stuff that is very useful!! :) THANK YOU for all your hard work! Just a question, since I see the creative commons image on your work is it ok to use and how can I link to credit you?

    Thank you!