sábado, 7 de abril de 2018

Another story... "El Novio Reggaetonero"

Confession: I love reggaetón music and I love Ozuna's music. My running playlists are full of it! But so much of it is totally misogynistic and inappropriate. And the videos... ay, ay, ay, don't even get me started on those, like this one "Que va"... all the women on the boat just seem like objects, but I love the song! And I love "Cásate conmigo" (not really reggaetón, I know), but felt the same way about that video, so I made up a story that flipped that and made the women the providers.

So, with all that in mind, I wrote up a story: "El Novio Reggaetonero" to go along with Ozuna and Wisin's new video "Quisiera alejarme." The story incorporates some of Ozuna's life, some of the lyrics, and is loosely based on the video. I also made up some more activities to go along with the song. Here is a cloze activity for the song.

I recommend telling the story before watching the video, in a Story Listening way

Also, I am just realizing that this might be perfect to do after "Usted". I am pretty sure that these two songs could totally be intertwined and connected... future project!

Also, if you want to learn more about Reggaetón, check out this episode of AltLatino: Reggaeton In The Age of #MeToo. It has some fantastic perspectives.

Update 4/8/18: These resources are included in the TPT packet:
- a story called "El Novio Reggaetonero" based on the song "Quisiera Alejarme". The story is divided into two parts.
- a parallel story to co-create a similar story with the class
- a cloze activity for the song "Quisiera Alejarme"
- a translation of the song "Quisiera Alejarme"
- links to two Kahoot Jumbles to review part one and part two of the story
- a link to a Quizlet for Quizlet Live to review lines from the song
- a Quizizz with comprehension questions for part one of the story
- a link to Quizlet for Quizlet Live with comprehension questions for part two of the story
- a cloze activity for the story
- a cierto/falso activity for listening and/or reading
- a ¿Quién lo diría? ¿Quién lo haría? - Students use the conditional to create sentences and have the class guess which character they are talking about
- a reflection and opinion activity
- AND a RECOMMENDED ORDER to do all of these activities!

martes, 3 de abril de 2018

Vendo pan, vendo pan, vendo pan...

This song is so ridiculous, but I love it! It is a parody of "Getcha Grades". Just kidding! It is a parody of "Gucci Gang" (another absurd video/song that many students will know). 

The video has some great cultural products (conchas, cuernitos, atole, y triciclo con canasta), practices (vendedores ambulantes, eating fresh bread, community), and perspectives (parody, fresh bread is delicious, community is important, and others). 

Also, this song will definitely get stuck in you and your students' heads!

My son and I wrote up a (kinda ridiculous, but free on TPT) story that will be great to tell before watching this video. It will be a good one to do for a food unit. Enjoy!

Note: The story has some U.S. cultural references (Fortnite and some paralells with Lil' Pump, who sings Gucci Gang - he says he went to Harvard and some students believe he did...).

Here is a slideshow to use (download for free on TPT to make a copy of it):

And this song "Pan con Queso" (a parody of "Black and Yellow") might be a great follow up to explore some Dominican food culture.

domingo, 1 de abril de 2018

A Story for Intermediates: "Una Ruptura Mala"

Usted - Juan Magan y Mala Rodríguez

Mala Rodríguez has always been a favorite of mine, but I can't really use her music, and certainly not her videos, in class. So, I was excited to see this new song, "Usted," by her and Juan Magan, and to realize that I can use this song!

I wanted to use it with Spanish 1 for Story Listening, but I just couldn't simplify it, especially because the video doesn't really show much of a story. So instead, I used the lyrics from the song to make a dialogue-heavy story that could be used with Intermediate students. The story is called "Una Ruptura Mala." There are so many shifts between and usted, so I tried to incorporate those into the story too. 

I also created some preguntas personales to start with and a parallel story script that I will use with my students to co-create a similar story. It is almost like a Mad Libs activity and it should be a fun way to start with some of the structures of the song.

After the two stories and a few other accompanying activities, students should be able to understand the song. I have a feeling this will be a hit! 

I might also have them write up something about what happened before and/or after the story.

I am sharing all of this for FREE, but if you think this (or anything else that you got on my site for free) is useful and has saved you some time, you can buy these resources here or feel free to give back here in Radiohead style (click here to see what I mean by Radiohead style)