About Me

My name is Kara Jacobs. I have been teaching Spanish for 20 years. During that time, I have changed my teaching style tremendously. I started as a traditional-textbook-grammar notes-vocabulary lists-teacher and have now transitioned to being a CI-TPRS-cultural content-proficiency focused-authentic resources using-teacher! I use this blog to reflect on my teaching and to share resources.

I addition to teaching and blogging, I am also a presenter, resource creator, and casual consultant.

I am married to an Economics teacher and we have two sons, ages 13 and 10. We live in the beautiful state of New Hampshire. I love to travel with my family and with my students too! I am also a runner. I have run six marathons... and during those long training runs is where many of my ideas come to me!

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  1. Hello! I love your blog. It has so many ideas and resources.

    I was wondering about the resources for Gran Hotel....I can't seem to find them anywhere. What am I missing?

    Thanks for your time!

  2. And my name is Travis, by the way.