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Canela: Familia, Casa, Comida

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Update 2/20/18 - You can buy it on YouTube ($9.99) and watch with English Subtitles! And on Amazon too! Yay!

Update 8/5/17 - You can find the movie online here Pantaya (you will have to pay) and watch with Spanish subtitles.

Click here to see ACTFL Presentation

Update - 5/25/16 - Elena López is creating more resources to the unit and posting links here.

My Spanish 1 classes are nearing the end of the semester and it has been wonderful for so many reasons! I have been using mostly TPRS and CI (and no textbook) - big, enormous thanks to Elena López and Amy Zimmer, they not only shared tons of resources with me, but also gave me lots of advice and encouragement. 

So, I was hoping to read a TPRS novel at the end, but instead I have decided to do a unit wrapped around the movie Canela. We have done a lot of short films as "stories" in class and this unit will almost be like that, but with a much longer "story." Elena López has helped tremendously with this unit and I am looking forward to teaching it. I shared a guide for the movie in another post, but that is a little too advanced for my Spanish 1 students. The new unit packet is geared towards students at the end of Spanish 1 (we have block scheduling). Below are some of the other "pieces" of the unit, including a slideshow (with 134 slides - thanks Elena!) that will be la lectura before we watch the movie in segments. We will review with the same lectura in the unit packet. Feel free to use anything and let me know if you have any suggestions and/or ideas!

Also, here is a doc that has some other resources, including links to textivate activities, a couple of zaption activities and some memrise vocabulary sets.

**Note** In the unit packet, there are some vocabulary lists because I am "departmentally tied" to a textbook and have to cover/teach certain things.

Preguntas Esenciales:
  • ¿Por qué es la comida tradicional importante en un país? ¿Cómo es una comida tradicional mexicana similar y/o diferente de una comida tradicional de mi país?
  • ¿Por qué es la familia muy importante en la vida de una persona?
  • ¿Cómo es mi familia?
Metas (Goals) de la unidad:
  • I can describe my family.
  • I can identify the rooms of a house.
  • I can list foods that I eat for different meals of the day.
  • I can show that I understand the movie Canela in a variety of ways.
  • I can describe a traditional food from Mexico.

  • Quiz: Vocabulario - la casa, la familia, y la comida
  • Quiz: In class work with the movie Canela
  • Test:
    • Listening Section: Listen to sentences about the movie Canela and write cierto or falso.
    • Speaking Section: Describe a family member.
    • Reading Section: Read about el mole and then answer questions. (includes cultural comparison)
    • Writing Section: Write a summary of the movie Canela.
    • Gramática: conjugations, el/la/los/las, un/una/unos/unas, some irregular verbs, adjective noun agreement
El plan:
  • Listen, read and look at slide show for part of the movie.
  • Watch that part of the movie and listen to the Spanish (you will also be reading the English or Spanish subtitles). Write 3-5 phrases/words in Spanish that you hear; they should be things you know or things you want to know.
  • Read aloud with partner and circle the correct word.
  • Answer questions or cierto/falso sentences below certain passages.
  • Repeat for another section of the movie.
If any of this is useful for you, please consider giving back in a Radiohead style format.