jueves, 27 de agosto de 2020

Song/Story of the week: Tan bien

Update 8/30/21: There are already quite a few links to prepare, tell and review this story (a slideshow, 3 Quizlets, 2 Textivates, and a prediction activity), but I just updated the activities in the doc to include the following:

  • Part 1a: Listen and draw
  • Part 1b: Listen, look and id pic
  • Simplified cloze activity for the song
Note: For this to work best, don't show the entire video until they know the story and have made predictions! 

 I used this catchy song in January of 2019 at the end of my Cultura y Civilización course.

I wrote a story to go along with it and incorporated lots of structures and vocabulary that are in the song lyrics (arrepentido, rechazar, enterarse, olvidar, luce, lastimar). That story is good, but a bit too advanced for my students in September! 

So, I wrote a simplified version of the story. It is in the present tense with basic structures (for the start of level 3+). You can find the text version here and the presentation here. There is also a cloze and translation activity for the song lyrics in the doc. Feel free to make copies and adapt! But, if you do, PLEASE share any enhancements or improvements that you make!

I also created these:

I start school next week, but students don't start until the 14th. We have a hybrid model with two cohorts. One going to school on M/T and the other going on Th/F. Wednesday is remote for all with synchronous lessons. Some of these song/story activities will be done face to face, some on Wednesdays on Zoom/Meet, and some asynchronously. 

miércoles, 5 de agosto de 2020

Street Foods: Latin America

Have you seen the Netflix series "Street Food: Latin America"? If not, I highly recommend it!

I still don't know my back to school plan is, but it seems like it will be a hybrid plan, with lots of challenges for planning. I am not going to double plan each day because that will be very difficult and time consuming.

I will have units for each of my courses (still not sure about that either, but each course will be a combination of my own units (here and here), units based around readers (Fluency Matters and others), and Nuestra Historia units.

But, some days, for planning purposes, students will be taking a "break" from the unit. That way I will be able to keep the cohorts on similar schedules, with one cohort a day behind the other (imagining an AB schedule with Wednesdays every other week).

So, on those days, I will have students watch Street Food: Latin America or listen to a Duolingo podcast

I worked with Bethanie Drew and Maris Hawkins to create guides for Street Food: Latin AmericaThey did most of the work! I only did the Bolivia guide, which will pair well with the Fluency Matters reader El Ekeko: Un misterio boliviano (for level 2). Click here to see the guides for the five episodes and some post-viewing-two-episodes activities.

For the Duolingo podcast days, I have a template and some guides.