sábado, 22 de enero de 2022

Canción/Cuento de la semana: Melancólicos Anónimos

It’s been a while since I have felt inspired to create anything and post here, but when I saw this song and heard this video, I thought “well, this song and video are perfect for a story script!” I will use this with my upper level classes (4/5 & AP) to start second semester. 

My upper level students have really been wanting some grammar explanations. They want to better understand the patterns that they are noticing. So, to start students will do a quick grammar activity. My hope is that they will notice the patterns. This is the activity:

Those past perfect verbs are structures that they will see in the story that they will read. 

After doing that quick grammar activity, we will read the story together. The story includes lines from the song and adaptations of lines from the song. As we read, we will either act out sections of the story, translate some sections or I will ask questions after reading sections. Then, students will do this:

And finally, after that, they will answer these questions:

Here is the doc with the activities and the story.  Feel free to use and adapt, but please share back anything else that you create!