sábado, 18 de febrero de 2023

Disney+ Series: Students choose, but first some good input activities!

I LOVE having a series ongoing in my classes. We watch on Fridays and do a variety of "input-driven" activities before and/or after watching segmentes. 

I love using Go! Vive a tu manera in class. It is a staple in our Spanish 3 classes and, usually, our 4/5/6 classes. However, for a variety of reasons (some related to some of my current students associating it with the pandemic and a hybrid schedule), I am not using it with my Spanish 4/5/6 class. 

So, what to use?! I used Gran Hotel last year with half of the students in the class and that was successful, but I can't use that because some haven't seen it and some have seen 4 episodes.

So, I decided to let students choose between three (appropriate!) options on Disney+. 

I love what they are doing before we get ready to watch an episode of each show next week (Winter Carnival week and the week before our February vacation).  

Here is what we did for Siempre fui yo and Tierra Incógnita. I got this idea from Anne Marie Chase and adapted it a bit. I took the drawings from each group (5 grupos of 3-4 students) and students had two votes for the nomination round and then we had voted for the two with the most votes. It was so fun and silly and... they were re-reading the sinopsis and understanding what the series was about.

Next, students will read sentences from both trailers and will guess which trailer each sentence might be in:

Then, I will tell them the answers and they will fill in the Bingo boards to play "Trailer Bingo":

I was originally only going to let studnets choose between these two shows, but the Carlos Vives series El Club de los Graves comes out Tuesday! So, I had to add that into the mix. Stuents will do the same activities with the sinopsis, but then for the trailer activity, they will do this:
Then, we will watch one episode of each show and probably do "Write and Discuss" or (if I have time) some other input-driven activity for each episode, perhpas: cierto/falso, quién lo dijo, and/or quién lo hizo.

After that, I am going to ask all students write up an opinion piece about what show they think we should watch and why. Then, after vacation, every Friday we will watch that show.