miércoles, 2 de agosto de 2023

(Free) Stories based on songs/music videos to start the year

I am starting at a new school this year and I am very excited! 

I am thinking a lot about how to start the year off with my new students in a new setting that is pretty different from the one I have been at for the last 18 years. 

These are some of my goals for the first few weeks (and beyond really):

  • I want my students to LIKE and ENJOY Spanish class.
  • I want to ENGAGE students.
  • I want to give students LOTS of INPUT.
  • I want students to feel SUCCESSFUL.
  • I want students to ACQUIRE some language.
  • I want to have JOY in the classroom.
  • I want to create COMMUNITY.
  • I want students to understand that the GOAL of the class is to improve their COMMUNICATION skills in another language and to develop INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE
  • I want my students to see and hear some people/voices from the Spanish speaking world #authres!

So, in addition to Card Talk and Write and Discuss for the first couple of weeks, I think I am going to teach a story based on a music video/song. I will be teaching Spanish 1 and Spanish 3, so I started sifting through my song/story resources and thought, "Geez! I have created and shared A LOT over the years!" (see "Archivo del blog" to the right). I am not sure which stories/songs I am going to use, but 
I thought I would share some FREE resources for others to use for the same reasons that I stated above. Some of these I sell on TPT, but I am kinda done with that, so I am just sharing them for free here.

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These could all be used with Novices:
These are a bit more advanced and could be used with Intermediates: