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Unidad Didáctica: La Diversidad de la Gastronomía

el aceite de oliva
el maíz
el asado argentino
las papas

Update 2/15/16 - I have changed this unit a bit by omitting the commercials and adding a movie and a few other songs. Click here to see the resources and a link to the new unit packet.

After having just finished a pretty heavy, somewhat depressing unit about La Narcoviolencia in México. I decided that I need to do something uplifting, light and fun.

So, I took Cristina Zimmerman's lead and decided to do a unit about La Diversidad de la Gastronomía with a focus on Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Spain. (unit packet here) We spent about 3 weeks on the unit.

These are the essential questions for the unit:
  1. ¿Cómo se varían / comparan los ingredientes usados en la comida típica de los siguientes países: México, la Argentina, el Perú, y España?
  2. ¿Qué impacto tiene la ubicación geográfica en la comida de una cultura/un país?
  3. ¿Cuál es la percepción de la comida hispana aquí en los Estados Unidos? ¿Es una percepción correcto o incorrecta?
  4. ¿Hay maneras diferentes para promocionar la comida en la televisión de cada país?
The first day we did the Zambombazo activity called Vine Vi Venci: Abecedario de comidas. There is so much culture in those videos! It was a great way to start the unit.

Since the units in my Cultura y Civilización class all have music in them, I decided to use two Lila Downs songs to start the unit. We focused on México to start and used these two songs with the amazing music videos --- lots of culture just in these videos! From the songs and music videos, students explored and learned about a variety of things including: mole, la importancia del maíz, mezcal, Oaxaca, Montealban, los Zapotecas, chocolate, geografía, y una variedad de comidas.

El Palomo del Comalito por Lila Downs (wksht)

La Cumbia del Mole por Lila Downs (wksht)

Before watching the video for La Cumbia del Mole, students watched this video: Mole Michoacano con el Chile Mayor for homework and tried to write down as many ingredients of mole as they could. The video is short, so they had to watch it 3-5 times.

Some of the other authentic resources related to Mexican food that students saw were the following:
This was the first (basic) assessment of the unit.

After spending six days on Mexico. We switched gears and starting looking at Peruvian food. We started by looking at this infografía: La riqueza de la gastronomía peruana en cifras. Students made a list of the top 5 foods and the top 3 drinks and then made Google Presentations describing the foods. The next day they viewed other classmates' presentations, read the descriptions aloud and said what food it was. Here is an example of one of the presentations:


Next, we spent a couple of days talking about Inca Kola using this article and these commercials, and the song in the third one (Lejos de ti):
Inca Kola: Amor de verano 2013 - ¡Beto y Anita! (larga versión)
Inca Kola: Amor de verano 2013 - ¡Beto y Anita!

Lejos de ti - el comercial de Inca Kola

Some other authentic resources related to Peru that students saw were these two infografías:
After Perú, we used this funny commercial to transition from Peru to Argentina. It was a great way to talk about accents and cultural perceptions of different countries.

"El Argentino" McDonalds

Students investigated Argentine food and this is what this slideshow helped guide them after:

Next, we watched these commercials and did this worksheet and this one (from Zambombazo). (along with a few speaking activities related to the commercials).

Jugos Arcor – Adolescente

Jugos Arcor – Nene

Jugos Arcor – Abuelo

Students then investigated Spanish food and this is what this slideshow helped guide them after:


We are finishing the unit tomorrow and we will use this commercial and worksheet.

Anuncio de España: Coca-Cola contra el sedentarismo ¿Y si nos levantamos?

Another thing we did during the unit was EAT and DRINK. Students had yerba mate, inca kola, jamón, arroz con frijoles, dulce de leche, olivas, and chocolate con chile.

This is the final assessment for this unit. This was a successful, engaging unit and I think it could be broken up in to 2 or 3 units, particularly the Mexico section!

What are your favorite authentic resources for a food unit? Please share

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  1. Acabo de ver una película que tiene unas escenas que serían excelentes para esta unidad. La película se titula Canela y se trata de una niña que trata de convencer a su abuela a cocinar de nuevo en su restaurante cuando un crítico va a ir a reseñar a la nueva chef que tiene un toque frances en su cocina. Es chistosa y facil de seguir. Hay una escene donde la niña pide ingredientes en un mercado y habla muy claramete las medidas de todo...

    1. !Muchas gracias por otro recurso! !Voy a buscarla!

    2. Mil gracias a ustedes dos por compartir estos recursos indispensables! Enseno español 1-3 en una preparatoria y su pagina es una fuente de enlaces y ideas maravillosas. Agradezco igualmente por la recomendación de Canela, sera perfecto para mis alunos de español 1.

    3. De nada y gracias por comentar! :)

    4. Que sitio tan bueno! Recien busque la pelicula Canela....no tiene subtitulos (en amazon) asi que medio dificil para niveles 1-3....

  2. genial gracias voy a buscar esa película canela

  3. Hi Kara. I discovered your blog over a year ago and you have been a great help and inspiration to me (and my students). I noticed today that the series Amor de verano from Inca Kola is now private. Did you happen to download these videos and if so would you share them with me? There is another campaign from Inca Kola that is entertaining that I am going to try to use, my students enjoyed the Beto y Anita series and so did I.

  4. I found this video about Lila Downs and her song "la cumbia de mole" and thought to share

  5. I have just stumbled upon your blog and have found it super useful. Would you be able to share the answer keys for this unit packet with me? That would save me tons of time!
    Thank you for sharing the rest!

    1. Hello Kristy. I don't have an answer key for my unit packets (except for the one in my head). I usually go along w/ students and do it at same time. Also, lots of answers can vary.

      Also, just so you know I am doing this unit starting in one week and I am am making some changes. Updates and unit packet are here http://cultyciv.blogspot.com/2016/01/la-diversidad-de-la-gastronomia.html

  6. Hi Kara, I am working through this unit with my Spanish 3 students, and I found this blog post. Thank you for all the ideas! I don't understand what you mean about the slideshows, though, when you say, "Students then investigated Spanish food and this is what this slideshow helped guide them after." What do you mean by "helped guide them after"? Are the slideshows examples of the slideshows that your students made? Thank you for the clarification.:-)

    1. Hello Kimberly! Thanks for the "thanks". :)

      I am not sure what I meant by that, but I think I showed the that mini presentation on the some Spanish food to give them an idea of what I was looking for. See page 3 of this unit packet for more details of what I was looking for https://docs.google.com/document/d/1c8BML15B7vhyFLGQpSNxk1m5NPvduthvpNlBlsk9-VQ/edit

      These are the presentations from this semester https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TeKNHFCT3o_Jf6NTIbvHCUsxQzKS1iRjO6Rfhg4uzIk/edit (some are good, some are...) I am just finishing up the unit today with the final evaluación escrita.

      I revised the unit a bit this time around and didn't do the commercials, instead I showed the movie Canela, which is chock full of cultural products, practices and perspectives! Here is new unit: http://cultyciv.blogspot.com/2016/01/la-diversidad-de-la-gastronomia.html

      Here is unit packet, which has rubrics in it https://docs.google.com/document/d/1c8BML15B7vhyFLGQpSNxk1m5NPvduthvpNlBlsk9-VQ/edit

      Here is evaluación escrita for end of unit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zjxOmOLuLkmzHcuPVF5P-8QbBhxiTbkZ295ddI_gd1M/edit They see it before, so it is okay that I am posting it!

      This song was also a big hit - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GbifmIHStfGp42G5WvQMfOVJTL1GzdoO22LbgbB_5H8/edit

      Hope this helps!!

    2. Wow, ¡mil gracias! ¡Saludos!

  7. Thank you so much for this information - it looks great! I was wondering about the Vine Vi Venci activity. The link doesn't appear to be working. Do you know if there is an updated link? Thanks again!