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Reflexive Verb Commercials

**Update 2/2/15** Jonathan Woodward has created some better worksheets to go along with these commercials. You can find them in this folder. !Gracias!

This is a continuation of a previous post about using commercials in the classroom. In Spanish 2, we use the Realidades level 2 textbook. In chapter 2A, the theme is talking about your morning routine, with an emphasis on reflexive verbs.

So, rather than the book audio activities, I decided to use the seven commercials below as listening/speaking/interpretive activities. Students talk about what they see in the commercials, read the transcription aloud, listen and fill in the blanks, interpret the commercial, and finally, try to imitate the speaker(s) of the commercial. Here is the worksheet that I gave to students.

Below each commercial is the cloze activity for each. These commercials include a lot the chapter's vocabulary and provide a lot of opportunity for students to talk about the morning routines. They also give students exposure to a variety of accents and grammatical structures, including some voseo.

If any of this is useful for you, please consider giving back in a Radiohead style format.

noches número cepillarse

Cuando tus hijos se acuestan sin 1.________________________   los dientes… (ocho veces más bacterias… ocho veces más bacterias). Se exponen a ocho veces más bacterias que causan caries. Asegúrate que usen "Máxima Protección Anticaries" y dile "Buenas 2.________________________" a las bacterias. Colgate. La marca 3.________________________ uno recomendada por odontólogos.

manos             vas                         clases

A ver. ¿Natalia? Presente. Tú vas a ser la abogada.

¿Pedro? Tú 1.________________________ a ser el bombero. Sí.
Y el doctor va a ser Luisito.
Cuando tu hija falta 2.________________________, pierde oportunidades.
Con Escudo, ayudas a prevenir enfermedades como unas causadas por bacterias.
3.________________________ limpias por una mejor educación.

cinco         afeitarte ayuda

¿Tu piel irrita al 1.________________________?

Prueba la crema Gillette anti-irritación.

Ayuda a combatir 2.________________________ signos de irritación en el afeitado.

3.________________________ a defender tu piel.

rosa nunca          colonias fragancias

Nuevas 1.________________________.

Colonias Sanborns.

Roble y agave.

Flores de…
Lluvia de la selva.
2.________________________ y granada.
Y la clásica: Flor de naranja.
Aromas 3.________________________ antes imaginados.
4.________________________ Sanborns.

mamá bañarme    peinarme      levantarme comprar

Me cuesta 1.________________________.

Me cuesta ir a 2.________________________.

Me cuesta hasta 3.________________________.

Pero a mi mamá no le va a costar.
En Arrocha vamos a comprar, mochilas, loncheras, el diseño que tú quieras, cartucheras, sacapuntas, plumas pa’l que apunta, cuadernos divertidos para estudiar con estilo, hay libros de texto que no te echan cuentos. Hay juegos de geometría, calculadoras, gomas, cartulinas, y engrapadoras.
Pero a mi 4.________________________ no le va a costar. En Arrocha vamos a 5.________________________.
Farmacias Arrocha. La mejor calidad al menor precio. Todos los días

NATURA UNA (click here to see video, YouTube link video no longer available)

maquillaje cara consultora

Natura te invita a pensar por qué te pintás la 1.________________________.

Nueva línea de 2.________________________ Natura Una.

Natura Una, la mejor expresión de vos misma.

Acercate a una 3.________________________ Natura.
Bien estar bien.

manos fácil uñas fashion

Vamos a brillar.   1. ________________________mágicas.

Viene con cosméticos de verdad.  2.________________________.

Con uñas mágicas, divertirse está de moda.

Brillan en la oscuridad.  Sentite creativa.   Así de 3.________________________.
Con uñas mágicas, hay magia en tus 4.________________________.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these amazing resources! When you ask "Students talk about what they see in the commercials", do they do so in Spanish or English? What do you ask them to discuss? Also, what type of directions do you give students when you ask them to "try to imitate the speaker(s) of the commercial"? Many thanks!

    1. They talk in Spanish. First, they usually just say nouns. I play the video while they talk. Then, I will ask them to say what happens (verbs). When I ask them to imitate the speakers, I tell them to be silly and/or serious. It is fun to watch some of them... it also takes the pressure off of them in terms of pronunciation because they just focus on imitating (easier to do!).

  2. I just started using your commercials in my Spanish 2 class. My students really enjoyed working with them. Thanks for your time and work putting together these resources. The only difficulty that I had was that the Colgate commercial is now private. Do you have another link for that video. I was very surprised how disappointed my students were when I couldn't open the video after we watched Jabón Escudo and worked on it. Gracias, otra vez.

    1. This link should work https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxMaUe5JPBNMcEhMZko5YTNXejg/view?usp=sharing Thanks for letting me know!

    2. Thanks, I'll use it next class.

  3. Natura una also seems to be unavailable on youtube. I found a copy at the following URL. Thanks so much for developing and sharing these resources!

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I just put a link to the commercial in my Google Drive.

  4. I love to use music in my class. This is the song I've used in the past with the vocabulary and grammar discussed in this blog post. My students like it and I hope yours will too!


    1. Thanks for another great resource! Do you have a worksheet or anything that you use for the song?

    2. Yes I use a simple lyrics sheet with some words missing. Students get to listen to the song every day and fill in the missing words or parts of words. They surprise themselves by how much they can fill in by the third or fourth listen.

      I also use a notebook document to fill in parts of the lyrics a little bit each day starting on day 2 or 3 of a new song. I've never shared a notebook document on google docs before so if this doesn't work just let me know and I will be happy to email it to you.

  5. I used the Farmacia Arrocha video with my Spanish 2 students. Here is the activity they did with it. Thanks for inspiring the idea.


    1. Thanks so much! I will use this next semester!

    2. My students loved this so much that I ran with it. Here are more activities I came up with. Let me know if you have any questions.


    3. Hello! Thanks so much for sharing the folder! I linked it at the top of the page for others to use too. We are all so much better when we share, collaborate and build off of each other's ideas :) Thanks again.

    4. Hola Sr. Woodward! I think you might like this MovieTalk activity for this chapter as well https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1vrb3Hbzp5aBBTw9_MY1QcoBKnjhVhyyWkmYXEZ2nuo0/edit?usp=sharing

    5. Yes! This looks great, thanks Kara!

  6. I can't believe you're sharing this with us all for free. You should sell it on Teachers pay Teachers, because it's an amazing plan! I will gladly gladly use it... amazing cultural content, reading, writing, listening.... wow!!! Mil gracias, Sr. Woodward! Estoy muy agradecida!!!!

    1. Yes, Sr. Woodward took this stuff and made it 10Xs better! Isn't it nice when people share for free?!? I wish more teachers would do that!

  7. Really useful post to share with our students and keep growing our level of spanish, thanks for share!

  8. thank you all for sharing your hard work! I know I, as well as others, truly appreciate it! Again, gracias