domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

PD with AltLatino

The NPR AltLatino podcast is one that I look forward to listening to each week. I have listened to all of the podcasts since it started in June 2010, most of them while I have been running, my favorite time for listening to music! I have developed lots of ideas for using songs in the classroom while listening to the show and it is one of my favorite music resources (2nd to Zambombazo of course!).

The hosts Jasmine Garsd and Felix Contreras do an excellent job of keeping the show light, but informative. The podcasts are a mix of the two hosts talking and playing music. The talking is mostly in English but most of the music is in Spanish. The focus is on Latin Alternative music from all over Latin America, the United States and Spain. The show is a great representation of the cultural fusion happening in the United States.

Some of the shows are fun. Some are mellow and slow. Some are fast and invigorating. Whatever type of show it is, I always learn something from the show. The shows that are linked below are the ones that I have learned the most from (and are most appropriate for my students). I compiled them because I am considering using some of them in my upper level classes this semester. Not only would they be good for students, but this is great PD for Spanish teachers too!

Azuquita Pa'l Cafe: What Coffee Songs Mean To Latin America

There are a ton of other really good ones!

*Note*: Some of the shows might contain some parts that some teachers may not be comfortable having students listen to.

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