sábado, 3 de octubre de 2015

New immigration unit resource

I am going to show "La misma luna" in my Spanish 1 class. It is going to be a little break from the stories that we have been doing. So, I decided that before students watch the movie, I wanted to show the 18 minute PBS film "The other side," but I wanted to describe it in comprehensible Spanish for level 1 (hence some weird wording). I also wanted to introduce some more vocabulary that they will need for talking about "La misma luna" (hence the multiple repetitions of el padre, el hijo, y la hija - first intro to family vocabulary).

**Click here for more information about this resource.**

I am wondering if this will be too advanced for level 1, but I know it will definitely be successful for my immigration unit in my Culture and Civilization course. Here is the unit for level 1.

Here is the slideshow with some of the slides:

I am also going to use the song "ICE El Hielo" to go along with the unit. Below is a slideshow about the band, "La Santa Ceclia."

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  1. Hello, I found your blog via Twitter and I wanted to share that I show "La Misma Luna" to my level 1, sixth grade students and they love it. We use subtitles, but the students really enjoy it. I also use movie cards after each day to help the students to put the story in order based upon what they saw and to review the vocabulary. It has been very successful! Hope your students enjoy the movie!

    1. Hello. Could you share those movie cards? That sounds like a great idea! I might use that with the movie Canela.

  2. I curious how this unit went. It seems challenging for year 1 students at this time of the year. I love your work. I have used and adapted many of your resources (and given you credit). I am learning from you! I show La Misma Luna at the end of the year in Spanish 1, but I also am constantly changing my units. Please let me know your reflections on teaching with the movie.