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El Internado: Pre-watching Slideshow for Ep. 1

Image result for el internadoI love using El Internado! It is engaging, interesting and full of great language! One of my favorite comments came from a student this week. After starting class with a review of the characters and asking several questions in Spanish, the student said, "I am surprised how much I remember!" When the material is interesting to students, they will remember things and learn more!

As Spanish teachers, we are so lucky because there are are a ton of resources to use with this show and make it comprehensible for our students. Bethanie Drew and I collaborated and created some post-watching resources for El Internado (inspired by Mike Peto's reading for Episodio 1, definitely worth the $6.99!) and I am continuing to use our activities, but I decided to use some more pre-watching activities this year, so I created the slideshow below to use before we watch. I read the subtitles (if there are any), describe what happens, and check for understanding. As the slideshow progresses, I tried to include less spoilers.

I have also included some links to resources from Dustin Williamson and Kristy Placido in the slideshow.

I am using this with my Cultura y Civilización class, so they understand a lot, but there are many things that I need to explain. We go very slowly, so far we have watched about 30 minutes during two class periods (we only watch on Fridays), of which we spent about 120 minutes dedicated to the show. The format is this: use slideshow to describe what happens, watch some of the show, do reading activities aloud together, and repeat.

Feel free to use the slideshow, but if you improve it, please share back! I share my work for free, it is not perfect, and I really appreciate feedback about how to make it better!

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  1. I have a Quizizz for a section of the 1st episode of 'El Internado," if it would help anyone. I call it 1,4 because it corresponds with Mike Peto's resources that have the same title.
    This is a great resource for helping students to talk about what they watched. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Kathy! I will add that to the slideshow, if that is okay with you?

  2. Of COURSE it is!