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"Soy yo" for Spanish 1

If you haven't seen the video for "Soy yo" from Bomba Estéreo, check it out below. I am sure that this song and video will be one of the favorites of the semester. 

I used this song last year (but with this cool video) in Spanish 1 because it is catchy and because of all the "soy" reps. This year, I did a bit more with the song/video.  This mini unit for Spanish 1 was a big hit with students. I put a lot of time into creating these resources and I decided to sell it on TPT

(If you like this song, check out resources for another Bomba Estéreo song, "Internacionales" here.)

Update - 8/15/17 - I have added a "possible order" for all of the activities included in the unit.

I created a slideshow (see parts of it below) that includes:
- information about the band 
- some vocabulary slides to introduce and ask questions
- screenshots and text to "tell" the story of the video
- some slides for asking questions about the story
- a slide that has all of the screenshots (can be used for summarizing, speaking, and listening)

I created a doc for the mini unit that includes
- "I can" statements for the mini-unit (see below)
- a targeted vocabulary list
- links to Quizlet and textivate activities
- a link to a possible assessment
- a reading activity in which students have to find the Spanish words
- a reading activity in which students have to circle the correct word
- a reading activity in which students have to answer questions
- a reading activity in which students have to draw the story
- some personalized and creative questions
- an activity with cierto/falso statements

- a cloze activity of the song with the English translation

If you would like to purchase these materials, click here for Teachers Pay Teachers ($7.00).
These are my goals for this mini-unit:
  • I can comprehend a story with visuals to support my comprehension.
  • I can read a story and comprehend it without visuals.
  • I can understand and pick out cognates.
  • I can understand some words in Spanish because of the context, the visuals, or the actions of the teacher.
  • I can answer questions about a story and about myself.
Here is the slideshow wit some of the slides:

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  1. This is awesome! Is there a way we can use/save your powerpoint?

  2. Yes, please! This is a great resource. Can you adjust the settings so we can make a copy of your Google Slides presentation? I'm not sure how to do that as it's currently embedded in your blog page. ¡Mil gracias!

  3. Kara,
    So awesome!

    Thanks for sharing! You're so dang inspirational!

    I love the idea, the implementation and the extra article about the little girl. You've done so much awesome work just to share it GRATIS.

    I was curious about your usage of: "sale de" in one part. If I am not mistaken, "salir de" is to physically go out/come out of something. I am not sure that the line "las chicas salen de la chica" gives the visual representation you might be thinking of. :-)

    I get if you were using the structures you had to use. Lord knows I've done my best to circumlocute to get those extra reps in too! You could say, "las chicas salen de [location they are at]" maybe?

    I hope this isn't taken the wrong way! I really love your whole presentation and it takes guts to just put your stuff out there for all to see! :-)

    -Jeremy Jordan

    1. You are totally right! I think I was trying to circumlocute and get reps in a bit too much :) I just fixed it to be "las chicas salen de la esquina (corner) donde está la chica con la flauta."

      And, no I don't take it the wrong way... I appreciate it!

    2. Ok, phew! I'm so sorry. I was thinking about what a horrible person I was since writing it and actually came back to delete it right now.

      But I am glad you were able to take it in stride.

      Again, Awesome presentation. My 4-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son were dancing to the video while I watched it last night. :-)

  4. Awesome! Thank you for sharing your hardwork!!

  5. Kara, this song is precious are your resources are fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing! It would never have occurred to me to teach this as a story, but I can see just how to do it now. It fits perfectly with our current structures in Spanish 1. Thanks so much!

  6. I love your title of "Imaginemos..." to practice talking about some previously acquired structures. The title lets the students know they get to be creative!

  7. Thank you again for creating and sharing such wonderful and engaging lessons! I look forward to sharing this with my Spanish 1s next semester!

  8. This is amazing. Thank you for so generously sharing! I am using this next week--and you saved me HOURS of work. Thank you so much--both resources are so impressive!!!

  9. Do you use the slide show while you show the video, or before, or after? Thanks! I'm wondering about the pacing.

    All of this is awesome and thanks for the consejos!


    1. I show go through the slideshow BEFORE we watch the video, adds to the curiosity :) . We spent about a week on the "unit." It went really well!

  10. You're amazing. Your activities are SO HELPFUL! My Spanish 1 students are obsessed with this song! They're singing it outside of class so much, my Spanish 2 and 3 students are now begging to do something with it in class! Thanks for sharing all of your brilliance!!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I am glad that students are liking it so much! I really appreciate your comment :)

  11. Thanks! I'm going to use this tomorrow! I used it last year with Zach Jones's materials in Spanish IV, but it could be used with Guapo (Sr. Wooly) in Spanish I...kind of evens it out with a good message and brings in the Culture! Thanks for all you do. . .you really have helped me make my journey towards CI much lets overwhelming! (My students heard this song in a SuperBowl comerical last year as well!

    1. You're welcome! I am doing Guapo in about three weeks, so I will definitely have to "go back" to this song :)

      Also, glad to hear that I have been helpful! I am still on that journey towards CI myself and I am so thankful to others who have shared so much. In particular, Elena López and Amy Zimmer have helped me soooo much for developing what I do in Spanish 1. See lots of their stuff here:

  12. This is fantastic! Iḿ so happy I found your page. Greetings from Maria in Sweden

  13. I'm late to the soy yo party. But I'm obsessed w the song and happy to have found some materials to help me put it to use in the classroom!