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Four, actually five, stories for the "Reflexives" unit

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**Update - 4/19/17** I just added a quick fifth story! See the bottom of the post.
I am teaching Spanish 2 and trying to revamp the curriculum (from Realidades chapter 2A). We just finished up a sports unit. For that unit, I pulled together resources from Martina Bex, Adios Textbook, and some of my own and it went pretty well. I will say, without a "story," the unit did not have the same impact.

Now, I am about to start the ole' "Reflexives unit" (chapter 2A from Realidades). So, I gathered four stories in order to make it more compelling and interesting... and so that students will acquire the material in a much more compelling way. It is kinda boring to talk about our own morning routines for two weeks, so with these four stories, we will be talking about ourselves and others! Here is a partial unit packet, which includes Essential Questions, I can statements, and possible evaluaciones (quizzes and a test) and a some activities related to two of the stories. I also linked Elena López's TPT store for three of the stories.

The first story is !No voy a levantarme! This is actually a Sr. Wooly song. I made an embedded reading to slowly "release" the story to students. I may have "released" too much as Sr. Wooly noted when I shared it, so you may want to take out some key parts, particularly the ending. 

When using an embedded reading, students get tons of repetitions. I also created this slideshow (click here so make a copy) using the embedded reading and screenshots (downloaded from Sr. Wooly - he gave permission for me to share here). Students will also do all the nuggets during a week and half time period. The nuggets will be homework. 

If you don't have a subscription to Sr. Wooly, I highly recommend it!! (Note: I do not work for him. I just love his site and really like the idea of a Spanish 1 and 2 Wooly curriculum?!?)

The second story is "Alarma".  I created a slideshow, but then Elena López made this one, which is better! Students will definitely relate to this story.
(Warning: The original video has a fake gun in it. The man uses it to shoot his alarm clock, but I chopped up the video to delete those scenes. The video is in three segments in this slideshow.) 
Click here to buy Elena's resources for this story.

The third story is "El Monstruo del armario," also created by Elena López. This is a fun story  to teach with. Click here to purchase Elena's resources for this story.

The fourth story is Destino, also created by Elena López. The first slideshow is an easier version of the story. Elena has a more advanced version of this story and you can click here to purchase Elena's resources for this story.

Students will also see a variety of related commercials (#authres). Each day students will watch one commercial. After they see it one, they will read the transcript aloud with their group (or chorally as a class). I will then translate it. They will do a cloze activity with the transcript and then write two sentences about each. This will be how we start class each day during this unit. This is good because they are hearing short audio of an authentic resources. Here is a doc with the transcripts and links to the commercials.

Included in the packet, I will have Martina Bex's Reflexive Notes as well.

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  1. I also loved using Elena Lopez's Reflexive stories with my class - Monster in the Closet was a huge hit! I am interested in adapting your Sports unit for my Spanish 1, is it possible to share? I have a bunch of girls who play Softball quite competitively so I would love to introduce them to the Dominican baseball culture you came up with. They LOVED your Soy Yo unit and I think the combo of music and sports would go well with them.

  2. Hello Sarah! I can't share most of that unit because most of it is purchased materials...
    - I used some great stuff from Adios Textbook: Kara and Meghan have tons of good resources there!
    - I also used this from Martina Bex:
    - And then I adapted a presentation from here: (Here is a link to the presentation )
    - I used some materials from this packet for Pelotero too:

  3. Great resources! For the last short video (Snapchat tres segundos), do you have any packet materials? In the slideshow it says "escuchen, miren, y contesten las preguntas;" are you referring to circling questions or did you have any print outs? Thanks!

  4. I was inspired by your work and decided to create a little story based on the song "No hago más na´". Here it´s the link.
    I would love to hear your feedback.

  5. Hi Kara,
    All of your materials are of such high quality and so communicative. Thank you so much for sharing so generously! I teach Spanish 2 and AP, so I have really benefitted from your expertise. I'm wondering if you can share how you set-up the Flip Grid oral assessment. I have used Flip Grid, but I'm not sure how it works for this assessment.
    Thanks in advance,