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Cien Latinos Dijeron

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Update 6/2/22: Here is another doc with questions and answers for this episode (Google Drive link in case it disappears).

What to do with those days when a third of the class is gone and it is approaching the end of the school year?? It is always a challenge! Today, in my AP class (after doing FVR and working on our Kiva presentations), we played and watched Cien Latinos Dijeron (basically Family Feud in Spanish).

I used this episode (saved here in Google Drive in case it disappears). Before watching a segment with one question, we played with that question in class. This doc has all the questions and answers and I am sharing it here in case anyone needs an authentic, engaging, go-to, fun, easy, low-prep activity!

A few things about this activity:
  • This show repeats so much! So, if you tell students the questions ahead of time, they will know the context and be able to hear the questions several times.
  • It might be a good idea to let students answer in English and then translate because they might not have the necessary vocabulary to answer some of the questions.
  • This is a great show for students to see because it is in the United States and the 100 latinos that said something are from the U.S.. The contestants are from the U.S. and/or a variety of Spanish speaking countries.
  • Students are familiar with the format, so it is easy for them to understand what is happening.
  • Watching this show has been a favorite choice for Tarea Semanal... what a fun way to increase interpretive listening proficiency!

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  1. Me encanta el programa, no lo dejo de ver. Pero en mi cable Claro de Guatemala lo han quitado, es más quitaron MUNDO FOX.