viernes, 27 de octubre de 2017

MaFLA 2017 Presentation

Arianne Dowd and I presented a five hour workshop called "A CI/TPRS Path to Proficiency" yesterday at the Massachusetts conference and we shared a ton of resources and ideas. We presented mostly in Spanish (because MaFLA asked us to do that), which was a bit nerve wracking as non-native speakers, but we were modeling what we want our students to do! We had a great group that was willing to participate in a variety of activities, ask questions, and give suggestions. Click here to see the presentation (blue words are links).

It is always good to share and help others see what a CI/TPRS classroom looks like at all leves: engaging, differentiated, inclusive, novel, in the TL(!), embedded with culture, and fun! 

I also learned some new things from the amazing Arianne and some of the participants!

As a follow up for participants... we forgot to mention a couple of amazing resources: El Internado and Gran Hotel!! These give a ton of input when done with the reading activities. It is also an easy way to exposed them to authentic language and differentiate at the same time!

Arianne and I will have a post later in the week answering those follow-up questions as well.

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