martes, 24 de octubre de 2017

MaFLA 2017 Preview

Image result for mafla conferenceThe amazing Arianne Dowd and I are presenting a workshop on Thursday (10/26) at the MaFLA (Massachusetts) conference. Their conference is always superb and I am really looking forward to sharing, presenting, and learning! Our workshop is titled "A CI/TPRS Path to Proficiency". Here is the description:

This workshop will share a variety of Comprehensible Input/TPRS units for levels 1-4. Teachers will leave with a better understanding of what a CI/TPRS unit looks like and how to implement a unit that is centered on a music video, a cortometraje, a leveled novel, or a movie. Spanish teachers will leave this workshop with a wealth of resources to use immediately in their classrooms while also transforming their classes into a language proficiency-based community. In Spanish.

We have so much to share and are very excited to present!

Here is a little preview of some things that we will be sharing. If you click on almost everything, there are links to resources (some are paid and some are free):

We will share more after the workshop on Thursday!

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