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More CI with stories on EDpuzzle!

Image result for edpuzzleKristy Placido is such a CI guru! I have learned a lot from her (blog, tweets, presentations), and I love using her novels (Noche de oro and Robo en la noche are two of my favorites). And recently, she shared (on Arianne's blog) a new (to me) way to give students CI. She took a story-slideshow, made a video of her telling the story, and used it to make an Edpuzzle. She had basic questions for students to answer and it looked like a great formative assessment.

This idea is so simple, but so useful! It is another way to provide CI to students, but in a differentiated way. Students can go at their own pace, stop, re-listen, and take the time to process. 

Someone (at MaFLA, I think? or maybe on the CI Intermediates Facebook page) made me realize that I really need to mix it up when telling the stories with these slideshows (some of them are loooonng, especially the movie ones). So, this will be a way to break those up and do an assessment at the same time. The one below is for the story that Arianne Dowd wrote for the Coco movie trailer (find the slideshow free here in her post). It is part of my Día de los Muertos unit in my Cultura y Civilización unit.

I am putting myself out there because this is my non-native voice here, so be gentle! I am sharing because I think it is such a fantastic tool to give students more CI! I hope someone can use this idea.

I used the "Screencastify" Google Extension to record this. It is very easy to use! Then I uploaded it to YouTube and made the EDpuzzle.

(You can also view it here.)

I also created two for Arianne's "La Bicicleta" story, parte 1 and parte 2. If you are interested in seeing (or using) those, click here and here

On another note, you might have noticed that I changes the name of my blog and I got a new logo too! I have also started a Facebook page related to the blog where I will share things as well. 

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  1. I love this post. Thank you so much for sharing. Could you tell me how you were able to turn her the pdf of Coco into a slideshow for recording?

    1. Thank you! I had access to the original slideshow because I collaborate a lot with Arianne. You could probably still do it with the PDF, no?

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