domingo, 24 de septiembre de 2017

Una nueva unidad didáctica: Cásate conmigo

What a nice video with a cute twist at the end! When I saw this, I first thought that this would be a perfect song for the week leading up to when Héctor says to Elsa, "Cásate conmigo," (here is a cloze activity for the song( free) if you just want to do that) but then I decided to develop some materials (sold on TPT) to use with it.

I created a story (in which the women are not just eye candy) to go along with the video and a variety of activities to go along with that. The story is in the past tense and would be good for late Spanish 2 or beginning Spanish 3 (or even higher). This is part of the slideshow:

If you used my Soy Yo stuff, it is very similar, but for probably for later in level 2+.  Here is what is included:

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