jueves, 3 de mayo de 2018

Canciones para la Copa Mundial 2018

I love teaching about la Copa Mundial, especially when it is actually happening! It starts June 14th this year and my last day is June 21st, so I will be finishing up and using some Copa Mundial resources to end my classes. I am going to use Nelly Hughes' Unidad Didáctica for El Fútbol (everything she creates is excellent!) in my Cultura y Civilización course and I am going to do some things with my Spanish 1 class as well.

One of my favorite things about la Copa Mundial (besides the joy and pride of people all over the world) is the songs that come out as the Copa Mundial approaches! Some of them are clearly advertisements (for Coke, Pepsi, Sprint, etc.), but I don't care, I still love them! Below is a playlist of the ones that I have seen so far (let me know if you find any others). And here is a free doc that has links to some very basic cloze activities and translations of the songs. 

I am sharing all of this for FREE, but if you think this (or anything else that you got on my site for free) is useful and has saved you some time, feel free to give back here in Radiohead style (click here to see what I mean by Radiohead style)

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