jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2018

Updated and enhanced FREE unit: Juan y Clara (Siendo #Idiota)

I posted about this Story/Song of the week a few weeks ago, but I have developed it a lot, so I wanted to post about it again. I am currently using this unit to start Spanish 2. Many of these students did not have a CI teacher last year, so this is a great way to start!

You can find all the resources, links, possible assessments and a suggested order of activities (for free!) here

See below for the goals for the students for the unit. These are my other secret, teacher goals are:
  • Students are engaged! This is a non-honors class and some of them are used to just doing school, and not really engaging.
  • Students feel comfortable in the classroom.
  • Students feel confident that they can acquire language.
  • Focus on communication... not conjugation! 
  • Review and reinforce high frequency vocabulary.
  • Confuse ;) them by using a regular, authentic, good song and music video as the base of the unit.
  • Give a ton of input!
  • Talk about las redes sociales and the damage that they can do in relationships. 

The "I can" statements for the unit are: 
  • I  can function in a solo español classroom
  • I can interpret a story.
  • I can show that I understand a story in a variety of ways, including: 
    • Acting out words/sentences
    • Translating parts of the story
    • Illustrating parts of the story
    • Putting sentences in order
    • Answering questions (about the story and about myself)
    • Identifying cierto/falso statements
    • Filling in the blanks of the story
    • Writing simple sentences about the story
  • I can acquire new language through a story/song and a variety of related activities.
  • I can understand an authentic song in Spanish. 

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  1. Kara- How long are your classes? I have 85 minute blocks. I am guessing that you are not on a block schedule. I like this unit but I think I would have to reconfigure that activities for my schedule? Thoughts?

    1. My classes are 85 minutes long too. We meet every day. I always have other things going on to (La Estrella del Día interviews), so that time frame varies. I would just look at all the activities and figure out how long they would take and go from there.

  2. Hi Kara! Thank you for this unit! I used it with a higher level last year after Covid to get students back into being at school. It works well as part of the Ap theme of Technology! I now understand how you did ot so fast- we only have 50 min a day, and it took 3 weeks to complete. But at the end of the year, some kids said it was their favorite unit. And still knew the lyrics!
    It was cool for me bc I had gone to a music festival in Spain a few summers before where Juan was one of the artists that performed.
    The infographic is a great addition- we talked a lot about whatsapp in class, and did a survey. The students who were immigrants or first gens all had it and knew what it was. We ended up seeing references to it throughout the school year, and it was a real cultural connection for them.
    Muchisimas gracas!

    1. Hello! Thanks so much for leaving this comment.

      So cool that you saw Juan Magán in concert :)

      I really like the idea of a survey for students. I think I am going to create that.

      Hope you have a great school year!