lunes, 25 de febrero de 2019

Kitbull: A story of compassion, fears, stereotypes, and friendship

Have you seen Kitbull yet? If not, you should check it out!

I think students will really like it and subliminally, there are some fantastic messages about friendship, compassion, fears, and stereotypes.

I took (too many) screenshots and put them into a presentation (see below or click here) to tell the story to students. And I also wrote up a story script (click here or see below) that could be used with intermediates. Feel free to adapt for your own use and/or make improvements or additions to it. There are probably some mistakes, as I whipped this up this morning. Please make comments if you see anything that needs to be fixed. Thanks!

There are a number of ways you could tell this story to students:
  • Show the presentation and read the story. Ask questions along the way.
  • Project this doc and tell the story to students. Students can see the text and the pics. Ask questions along the way.
  • Read the story and draw (also in doc). 
  • Read the story. Do some follow up activities (like Martina Bex's Textivities).
  • THEN, show the video! 
You could also use this little reading to set the stage about cats and the city of San Francisco. It is about how much people in San Francisco love cats (For the record, I made that up... I have no idea if people in San Francisco love cats!!) It is based on this article: "The Beloved Store Cats of San Francisco"I also made this Tour Builder if you want to do the reading that way... for my rural New Hampshire kids, this is a good way for them to see the city.

And a possible evaluation after: Escribe un resumen.

Click on the map below to go to the Tour Builder.

8 comentarios:

  1. Love these resources!! Thanks so much Kara!

  2. A los chico les van a gusta mucho. Gracias!

  3. This is amazing all that you have done! I just love this! I so much appreciate you sharing with us!

  4. This is not just great modeling for all of us, but it is a huge gift! Thanks!

  5. Hi Kara, I joined in the Facebook live event with La Familia Loca and it has led me down a rabbit hole of resources. The work you do is amazing! Question, I've never used Tour Builder. It looks pretty cool. Do you typically use it as a whole class activity or have students work independently? And, do you set time limits, or how do you keep students from exploring the streets of San Francisco all day. Thank you for all your work.

    1. Thank you for leaving this comment!

      I let them start in class and finish at home - that way, they can explore the streets of San Francisco all they want!