sábado, 8 de junio de 2019

Otra ideas para Go! Vive a tu manera

I still have two weeks left of school, but things are moving along and I am enjoying my classes. My AP students are just finishing up (Tina Hargaden's) End of Year Book Project and their products are awesome! It was a perfect way to end that class.

In addition to working on that, we have been watching Go! Vive a tu manera (see post about this new appropriate series here) for about 20-25 minutes a day. We watch in Spanish with Spanish subtitles. I pause once in a while and we discuss. It is such a cursi show, but students kinda love it! My seniors leave on Tuesday, but then I still have juniors for 8 more days, so we will be watching Go! Vive a tu manera and continuing to do different activities related to the show.

We have been using Charlala DrawRoom with DrawSets to review what happened in the show the previous day. Here is an example of a DrawSet:
If you haven't used checked out Charala yet, put it on the top of you list! It is AMAZING! Check out Cynthia Hitz's two posts here and here to see all the possibilities. It will be wonderful if teachers can share DrawSets in the future!

Next week, we are going to use this Quizlet set to play Quizlet Live. The set is a ¿Quién lo dijo a quién? set, which means I took direct quotes from the show and students have to figure out who said it to whom. It should be fun and give them some good, advanced input.

And finally, for my junior AP Students, their final exam will be based on Go! Vive a tu manera. Click here to see it. It will be a fun final for them to take and enjoyable for me to correct. #WinWin Feel free to make a copy and adapt. Another note about Charlala, I will be using it for la Conversación Simulada (see script in doc) of the exam. Here is what it looks like from the student view. 

I am pretty sure that some people are working on resources for lower levels, so I am considering using this series next year with my lower levels too. One thing that I love about this show is that I don't have to worry about any content or language!

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  1. I started watching Go! Vive a tu manera after reading your previous post. I ended up binge watching the entire season in about two weeks! You are so right that it is ridiculously 'cursi' but also highly addictive! I can't wait to use this series next year with my students. I am very interested to see what people come up with as resources for lower levels. I would love to use it in Spanish 3 but making it comprehensible for them may be a little tricky. Do you know who is working on this?

    1. A couple of teachers that don't have a blog.

      But, actually, I think I am going to work on something for level 1 too!