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Pre-watching and Episode 1 resources for Go! Vive a tu manera

Many Spanish teachers use TV/Netflix series in the classroom. Why? Because:
  • they are highly engaging
  • create class culture
  • expose students to an authentic resource
  • give us plenty to discuss
I have used both El Internado and Gran Hotel (sadly those guides no longer available) in the classroom and they have always been a big hit. But, I do have to skip some parts in both of those shows and the language in El Internado is a bit much sometimes. So, as you may have seen from some of my other posts, the Netflix series Go! Vive a tu manera is rated PG and totally appropriate

It is also totally cursi and some students will not like it. For me, it is all about setting expectations - keep them low when it comes to this show - I said, "Well, this show is pretty cheese and for tweens, but we are going to use it in class to learn Spanish." Then, they will think it is a learning tool... but will (hopefully) end up really liking the show. My AP students are loving it (I am still in school and will be until June 25th). 

Warning: The songs in this show will be stuck in your head and drive you crazy!

Check out the trailer here:

When watching a TV series, it is important to remember that the language acquisition is not necessarily coming from the show, nor is it coming from simply doing comprehension questions about the episodes #GoBeyondComprehensionQuestions! It is coming from everything that they teacher does with the show, like pre-watching activities, pausing and discussing while watching, and post-watching readings.  It is also important to go S   L   O   W   L   Y when watching a TV series ----> It takes me a LONG time to get through one episode.

So, I created the slideshow below (if you want access to copy and adapt, to here on TPT) that I am going to use before we even start watching the show. I would recommend spending several days with these readings and activities and then starting to watch the show. Slides 38-52 could be used after watching sections of the show. The purpose of those is to get repetition with some high frequency verbs. Also, you will notice that on those slides, I have put GIFs from this website to help with those verbs.

Update (7/29/19): If you would like guides for episodes 2-5, check out Abbie Theberge and Leah Silipo's resources here on TPT. 

In addition to this slideshow, I am going to create lecturas for the episodes. The episode lecturas will be al estilo Mike Peto (see my and Bethanie Drew's guides for El Internado). My episode lecturas will be for mid-late Spanish 1 and Spanish 2, so they will be in the present tense. However, just because that is the target audience doesn't mean you can't use these reading guides for any level to comprehensify, extend, and discuss this wonderful authentic resource! Reading below students' level gives them reinforcement with high frequency words and confidence.

Click here if you would like to purchase: 
  • access to the slideshow above 
  • a list of the important vocabulary for the pre-watching readings with a chart for students to write the words
  • a very comprehensive pre-watching guide that includes all of the text from the slideshow, but as guided notes
  • a lectura for episode 1 (7 pages with 2 pages being song lyrics for two songs) - This is the key for the CI and language acquisition! 
  • possible assessments (including a conversación simulada) for the pre-watching and episode 1 readings
  • activities to do with the Mochila Challenge playlist on YouTube

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  1. I currently use El Internado with my Level 5 students. Do you think it would be too simple for them?

    1. I don't think watching the show wouldn't be too easy, but the resources might be.

      As you can see, the resources are in present tense and very basic, but I might use them with my 4/5/6 Cultura y Civilización class to start the year. We will zip right through them and it will help them to feel confident and have something to talk about.

  2. Wow! Do you have any idea when you will have more episodes ready? (I’m wondering if I could count on doing this this coming school year, perhaps on episode per quarter?.) Also, would you recommend doing this as a unit or as an activity for part of class every day or as an activity for one day a week?

    In the past I used Gran Hotel for Spanish 4. It was a huge hit. I use Extr@ for Spanish 3. I’d love to do something similar for Spanish 2!

    1. I am pretty sure that the guides for at least two (maybe three) episodes will be ready by the end of summer. (The end of summer for me is the end of August). So, yes, you could definitely count on one episode per quarter. The other episode guides will not be as comprehensive as this pre-watching guide!

      Also, I think all the options that you mentioned above (unit, part of class, once a week) are good. In the past, I have usually done once a week (on Fridays), but currently I am showing it for 20-30 minutes a day (of 85 minute classes).

      I am pretty sure that I am going to use it so start Spanish 2 next year. I think it will be a fantastic way to start the first 2-3 weeks. And they will be "reviewing" ;) things from Spanish 1... ha! And then after that, we will probably watch it every Friday.

  3. Do you consider Go a tu manera a film for girls?

    1. It is a series, not a film. And I’m not really sure what you mean by “for girls”? I think it is a series for anyone.

  4. Kara, just purchased your first episode. AMAZING!!! I absolutely love how you have put this together Your activities are usually awesome but this one takes the cake. I love how you have included all modes of communication along with AP. The interpersonal activities is exactly what I wanted to do to prepare the students for AP. Absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see what you come up with for the next few episodes.
    Wish you could do this for Gran Hotel. I just finished watching all three seasons. I would love to use it in class with all of these activities you have created. Again, amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Nancy! Thank you so much for leaving this comment! I REALLY appreciate it.

  5. Hi: How do you watch Netflix at school? We can't access it at our school and the tech people tell me it is because Netflix doesn't allow it.

  6. Hola hola...do you like Charlala better than flipgrid for simulated conversation? I have been practicing using Flipgrid this summer, but then I read Cynthia Hitz blog about Charlala.... Gracias antemano xo Liz

    1. Hola! Yes, I think Charlala is much better for the simulated conversation!

    2. I have purchased your ppt for intro and episodio 1 but the charlala link doesn't work. Can you please share what you had the kids do with that platform? I have not used it. (it was the intro to Alvaro y Lupe.

      Thank you!

    3. Hello. Could you share the link here? I am not sure what you are referring to. Sorry! Also, I am not sure if Charlala is the same as before.