jueves, 5 de diciembre de 2019

Running dictation and/or Pear Deck to explain la Lotería de Navidad

We are on day 3 of our Lotería unit and I just love it so much! Yesterday, we saw our first two (of 7) stories (actually commercials). We watched the 2013 commercial (free reading here and more activities here).

And we also watched my favorite El Bar de Antonio. I just set this one up before we watch and they get it at the end. That on was during la crisis económica in Spain, so we assume that Manuel was struggling economically.

But, before getting into our stories (AKA the commercials), students have to learn about la Lotería de Navidad de España. So, after doing this Edpuzzle (with Pablo from Dreaming Spanish) to learn about the lotería, I explained it again, in particular, I explained the billete (€200) and décino (€20) and how frequently they are shared among family, friends, compañeros de trabajo and other groups. It is a bit complicated!

Then we watched the students of San Ildefonso singing the numbers. If you aren't familiar with what is happening, there are two bombos, one with the prizes (there are a lot of prizes) and one with the ticket numbers. So, one of the students is singing (kinda yelling) the prize amount and the other is singing the winning ticket number.
Then students did this a Running Dictation with these cierto/falso sentences (the correct answers are on the last page here):
  1. La Lotería de Navidad es una lotería nacional de México organizada todos los años desde 1763 (o 1812).
  2. La lotería de Navidad es considerada la lotería más pequeña del mundo.
  3. El premio más grande se llama "El Gordo" y tiene un valor de 4 millones de dólares.
  4. Cada año, el sorteo es el once de diciembre.
  5. Es una lotería especial porque hay pocos premios.
  6. Muchas personas comparten un décimo con familia, amigos, y/o compañeros del trabajo.
  7. Hay dos bombos. El grande es para los números de los billetes y el pequeño es para los premios.
  8. Los niños del Colegio de San Ildefonso gritan los números de la lotería.
  9. El lema del sorteo de la Navidad es "El Mayor Premio es Compartirlo."
The Running Dictation was a bit of a rush to finish, so to start the next class, we started with this Pear Deck presentation (if you haven't tried Pear Deck, it is an excellent formative tool!):
If you would like to see how Pear Deck works, here is a 3:27 video that I made to demonstrate:

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