miércoles, 22 de julio de 2020

Breakout Dictation... and another PD offering

I have presented some PD in the last couple of months and one thing that teachers really like is Zoom Breakout Rooms (I hope Google Meet has them soon!).

So, I wanted to share something that I have done with teachers: Breakout Dictations (see below or click here).
Decided not to this PD now... Coming soon: A three hour workshop called "Story/Song of the Week(s): Remote Version". This workshop will be in mid-late August and will be three hour Zoom session spread out over four hours. Details coming soon!

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  1. Hi Kara, do you have a link to the template for the instructions / powerpoint for the breakout dictations?

    1. Hello Maura.

      Here is the template: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1fJxzX1N2C3Bhg4KlBmYI3ueZ9qLxAOSkJDYASsS__lo/edit#slide=id.g8db0411a72_0_190

  2. Hi Kara, love this idea! Thank you so much I can't wait to use it. Just wondering, why do we assign the students to be A, B, C or D? Does that correspond to which activity they do?
    thank you!

  3. Hi,
    For the put in order, does the group rep. get all the sentences to project in their own room and put in order? For the question and answer, does the group rep. keep coming back for a new answer each time they match one? Do the have a group answer sheet or individual answer sheets. These are awesome ideas, just trying to visualize it all and how it work. ¡Mil gracias de antemano!

  4. Thinking of using Pear Deck for them to draw/record their answers... Super excited to try this out! Thank you!