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Bingo Musical + Canvas + Remote Day (or in class)

Update 3/1/21: Here is a Bingo Muscial for March Madness (day 3). And here are two more Selena songs (we are reading the reader Selena right now!): Como la flor and Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

Whoa! What a school year so far... and somehow I am only three weeks in (with students)!

My school has a hybrid schedule with two cohorts. 
  • Cohort A is in school Monday and Tuesday and does asynchronous work on Thursday and Friday. 
  • Cohort B does asynchronous work on Monday and Tuesday and is in school on Thursday and Friday. 
  • On Wednesdays, we are all remote and we meet with our classes  - both cohorts at the same time - for 30 minutes. Then, they have 30(ish) minutes of work to do after. 
  • Cohort B will always be two days behind cohort A... which makes our Wednesdays a bit tricky!
Since, cohort B is two days behind, we can't "continue with our unit" on Wednesdays.

So, thanks to Samara Spielberg and Bethanie Drew, I have an excellent solution: Bingo Musical! 

NOTE: This something I would actually use in ANY teaching situation - normal - remote - hybrid - bla bla.

Here is an example:

So, basically we Meet (can't use Zoom in my district anymore) and play two rounds of Bingo Musical. Students watch and listen to the music video twice. They type "bingo" in the chat as they win... there are lots of winners.

Then, they go and do a cloze (auto-graded!) activity, a translation (auto-graded!) activity, and give their opinion in Canvas. 

Here is why I love this activity:
  • We are definitely hitting this standard --> Communities: Lifelong Learning: Learners set goals and reflect on their progress in using languages for enjoyment, enrichment, and advancement.
  • Also, students are seeing and hearing an authentic resource from the Spanish speaking world. They are seeing a ton of cultural products, practices, and perspectives.
  • It is fun! 
  • They are getting to translate the song in an easy way (see video above).
  • It is auto graded!
  • It solves my "What the heck to I do with the whole group on Wednesdays when half of them are a day behind the other half?!"
Below are the five Bingo Musical slideshows that I have made so far. Feel free to make copies and adapt. The links to the Canvas "Quizzes" are also in the slideshows.

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  1. This is AMAZING!!! Un millón de gracias por compartir!

  2. Just came at the right moment!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Estos son recursos increíbles. ¡Mil gracias por compartirlos!

  4. Me encantan! Pero no entiendo como funciona CANVAS? Tengo que inscribirme?

    1. Sí, hay una versión "Free for teachers"

  5. Gracias por compartir; es una maravilla.

  6. THIS IS AMAZING FOR WEDNESDAYS. Running the exact same schedule as you, except my Cohort B kids are always ahead, because we started with them. So excited to try this next week!

  7. Me encanta! Me gustaría hacer esto con una canción cantada por una chica, pero esta vez voy a usar la de Bob Esponja. Muchas gracias!

    1. Pues, quizás Ud. pueda crear un Bingo Musical con una canción cantada por una chica y compartirlo?!?!