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Creating songs to connect to units with AI - Suno

 Have you seen Suno.com yet? It is pretty wild. It is an AI site that will create short songs for you. Currently, my Spanish 3 classes are doing a unit around the movie Pachamama (thank you Arianne Dowd and Amanda Benavidez-Williams for your ideas and resources). So I put in this prompt, which includes vocabulary from the unit, the name of our school and the name of the town that the school is in.

A rap song about Pachamama and a small school in the village (vocabulary word in the movie) of Andover. The school called Proctor. Use the words aldea, cultiva, cuida, huaca  (vocabulary words in the movie) . Write it in very simple Spanish.

And it came up with two versions: one and two. These are the lyrics:

Students entered class and did this cloze and translation activity. Their reactions were: surprise and confusion. 

In Spanish 1, we are reading the book Tucán, so I entered this prompt:

Make a simple rap about a tucán from named Panchito with an injured beak. Oscar and Ana find him in a park. Oscar cries. Oscar's dad brings him to the animal rescue center. Put the song in Spanish.

And it came up with two versions: one and two. These are the lyrics:

My Spanish 1 students were equally surprised and confused. They did a similar cloze and translation activity. 

I highly recommend this site. It is a fantastic site to create short songs to accompany any unit!

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