NHAWLT & ACTFL 2016: Canela

Update - 9/11/7 - This movie is now available on pantaya.com - but you need a subscription to see it. 

Unfortunately, this movie is no longer available on Netflix and it is VERY difficult to find! If you have Netflix, please request it in the "Help Center" of your account. Thanks! Hopefully it comes back on Netflix!

7 comentarios:

  1. Unfortunately I can't find it anywhere not even on Amazon. I put in a request to Netflix to get re-listed. Does anyone have any idea where I could find a copy?

    1. No, I can't find it anywhere either! So frustrating and strange!

  2. A colleague of mine said she saw it for sale at ACTFL. Do you have any idea if maybe there is a vendor that may have copies for sale?

  3. I wish I knew! I have looked *everywhere*!! I wish there were a solution to this problem. Have you requested it back on Netflix?

  4. I purchased it on Amazon prime video (Jan 2019). Only problem is that you have to have internet connection to watch it. (I like having the actually CD so I don't have to worry about my internet connection.) $9.99