Hello and happy new school year! We hope you have all had a restorative summer :) We are sooooo lucky to be teachers since we get 2 NEW YEARS!!!!! 

We are going to try rotating our meetings this year, and it may take on a new format depending on how it all evolves.

WHY?  While Franklin is central to central NH, it is still a hike for many teachers and for our fearless leader Kara :) Also, alternating Wed and Thurs meetings will help with conflicts.

HOW? We'll start out alternate meeting at Franklin in Jen's room and at Kingswood in Kara's room.

WHEN? We have scheduled dates through December and then we can re-assess / add more folks to the rotation, add other ideas we have not yet thought of, etc

October 18--THURSDAY--Franklin High School Rm 208  4:15-6:15
November 14 --WEDNESDAY-- TBD
December 13 --THURSDAY--TBD

WHAT? Here is where we would love your input. 

a) What topics / demonstrations / tools / etc. are your priority items?

b) What topics / tools / techniques / activities / etc would you like to demonstrate? You can choose a topic and a month if you'd like, or just a topic and we'll plug you in with advance notice.

In order to optimize our meeting time, it will be great to have a focused demo or topic as an anchor in order to process it fully, practice, etc. We'll always designate a bit of time for general check in and chatting!

Thank you to those of you who volunteered to host! We will get you plugged into the rotation for sure! If you have a specific month that works best, let us know.

Here's to a great start!
:) Jen and Kara

P.S. TCI Maine deadline is coming soon--great conference, close by, AWESOME PRESENTERS (Kara..YAY!), FOOD INCLUDED...such a deal at $125 for 2 days :) I have attended this one every year since 2011 and feel recharged each time! 

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