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Canela: Familia, Casa, Comida

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Update 2/20/18 - You can buy it on YouTube ($9.99) and watch with English Subtitles! And on Amazon too! Yay!

Update 8/5/17 - You can find the movie online here Pantaya (you will have to pay) and watch with Spanish subtitles.

Click here to see ACTFL Presentation

Update - 5/25/16 - Elena López is creating more resources to the unit and posting links here.

My Spanish 1 classes are nearing the end of the semester and it has been wonderful for so many reasons! I have been using mostly TPRS and CI (and no textbook) - big, enormous thanks to Elena López and Amy Zimmer, they not only shared tons of resources with me, but also gave me lots of advice and encouragement. 

So, I was hoping to read a TPRS novel at the end, but instead I have decided to do a unit wrapped around the movie Canela. We have done a lot of short films as "stories" in class and this unit will almost be like that, but with a much longer "story." Elena López has helped tremendously with this unit and I am looking forward to teaching it. I shared a guide for the movie in another post, but that is a little too advanced for my Spanish 1 students. The new unit packet is geared towards students at the end of Spanish 1 (we have block scheduling). Below are some of the other "pieces" of the unit, including a slideshow (with 134 slides - thanks Elena!) that will be la lectura before we watch the movie in segments. We will review with the same lectura in the unit packet. Feel free to use anything and let me know if you have any suggestions and/or ideas!

Also, here is a doc that has some other resources, including links to textivate activities, a couple of zaption activities and some memrise vocabulary sets.

**Note** In the unit packet, there are some vocabulary lists because I am "departmentally tied" to a textbook and have to cover/teach certain things.

Preguntas Esenciales:
  • ¿Por qué es la comida tradicional importante en un país? ¿Cómo es una comida tradicional mexicana similar y/o diferente de una comida tradicional de mi país?
  • ¿Por qué es la familia muy importante en la vida de una persona?
  • ¿Cómo es mi familia?
Metas (Goals) de la unidad:
  • I can describe my family.
  • I can identify the rooms of a house.
  • I can list foods that I eat for different meals of the day.
  • I can show that I understand the movie Canela in a variety of ways.
  • I can describe a traditional food from Mexico.

  • Quiz: Vocabulario - la casa, la familia, y la comida
  • Quiz: In class work with the movie Canela
  • Test:
    • Listening Section: Listen to sentences about the movie Canela and write cierto or falso.
    • Speaking Section: Describe a family member.
    • Reading Section: Read about el mole and then answer questions. (includes cultural comparison)
    • Writing Section: Write a summary of the movie Canela.
    • Gramática: conjugations, el/la/los/las, un/una/unos/unas, some irregular verbs, adjective noun agreement
El plan:
  • Listen, read and look at slide show for part of the movie.
  • Watch that part of the movie and listen to the Spanish (you will also be reading the English or Spanish subtitles). Write 3-5 phrases/words in Spanish that you hear; they should be things you know or things you want to know.
  • Read aloud with partner and circle the correct word.
  • Answer questions or cierto/falso sentences below certain passages.
  • Repeat for another section of the movie.
If any of this is useful for you, please consider giving back in a Radiohead style format.

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  1. Wow... just wow! I thought I had my semester all planned out, but now I am going to have to rethink that to see if I can work in this beautifully crafted unit. Thank you :)

    1. Thanks Mike! Coming from you, that is quite a compliment :)

      Please share any ideas and/or activities that you come up with if you use this unit. And thanks for all you share too!

  2. Kara, I love this! This might be just the answer I needed as I'm contemplating how to unify my semester better than last semester. It would take us the whole semester to progress through this with mastery because we only meet once a week but I'm super excited to explore this!

    1. Great! Glad you can use it! Let me know if you have any suggestions.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I wasn't thrilled with my food unit this year but now I'm really looking forward to teaching this first thing next year!!

  4. Absolutely amazing.

  5. I love this whole unit! Can you give me some specifics on how long you plan to spend on this unit in total- number of class periods and their length? Thanks!

    1. My classes meet every day for 85 minutes. They run for one semester. My plan is to spend two weeks watching the movie. I am 4 days in and we are about 40 minutes in to the movie... we are going VERY slowly, but it is going well. I will post more details at the end of the unit.

  6. This is AMAZING! I used this movie last year and the kids liked it, but I think they would understand it so much better with the readings before viewing. Now this unit will be so much stronger. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  7. Me encanta y creo que a mis alumnos también. Muchas gracias por compartirlo Ya te contareco mo nos fue.

  8. Me encanta y creo que a mis alumnos también. Muchas gracias por compartirlo Ya te contareco mo nos fue.

  9. Kara, I would love to talk to you. A collegue an myself are going to do a week long summer spanish class for 6-8 graders and we were going to try to do Las Aventuras de Isabel and I recently saw Canela on Nexflix and thought it would be a great tie in. I would love to pick your brain. We have been trying to design our first official TPRS/CI unit for this. I would love to correspond with you via email if possible?

  10. I love this unit!! This is my first year teaching high school Spanish and your blog is my absolute favorite place to get ideas, Kara. Thank you so, so much for sharing your brilliance!

    1. :) I share to help others and I appreciate your comment! My favorite place for Spanish 1 units and ideas is Elena López site: She is AMAZING!!

  11. Kara,
    You are all amazing. I am using these resources with my 8th graders. They are totally engaged. We go through the slides, then watch the movie a little at a time. You, Elena, and Amy rock! Please come to Northern California and teach us!

    1. So glad to hear that Carol! I like to see that others are benefiting from our work.

      And someday I hope to travel to Northern California :)

  12. Hi, Kara.
    I have been following your AP blog, as well as your Spanish 1 blog. Additionally, I am using your "Canela" lesson as the last lesson with my Spanish 1 students. I thought it to be a good way to get out of the Avancemos textbook, and combine several lessons together.

    Anyway, a question: Given that I teach 80 minute classes 2-3 times per week, what other things do you do, if any, to round out the vocabulary lessons? Thank you! Your resources are FABULOUS!

    1. Check out some of the resources in this doc

      And you're welcome :) Glad you are finding them useful! Big thanks to Elena López too. Here site has TONS of fantastic resources

  13. Hi, Kara! Thank you for responding so readily, and, with such wonderful suggestions. Both are greatly appreciated.

  14. Thank you so much for these resources. I am excited to start using them. I am a bit confused, though, about the "parts" of the movie in the packet and slideshow. Are the starting and stopping times for each part listed somewhere? Thank you!!

  15. I just love your resources! Thank you SO much!