lunes, 27 de febrero de 2017

Another interpretive listening act. with Radio Ambulante

I have created another interpretive listening guide for the Radio Ambulante podcast titled "Recién llegados." Click here to see it (feel free to make a copy and make changes). I am going to use this with my AP class, but this would work well with a level 4 class or above. Here is a summary from the Radio Ambulante site:

This podcast goes along very well with the theme of immigration, a theme that is very relevant today. If you use the Fluency Matters novel Vida y Muerte en la Mara Salvatrucha, this would be a fantastic authentic listening accompaniment as well.

It is wonderful that Radio Ambulante provides the transcript for many of its episodes! With that transcript, I created a fill in the blanks listening guide, along with 22 questions throughout that will help break up this podcast into parts. To listen to this in its entirety in one chunk would be a bit challenging for students.

Before listening, students will read infografía that Radio Ambulante created to go along with the episode and do a cierto/falso activity to go along with it.

I am considering adding the song "Prepárame la cena" (probably my all time favorite song by them) by Calle 13 to go along with this. Read here about the campaign that they did with UNICEF against human trafficking. Here is the video:

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