jueves, 2 de marzo de 2017

Los Secretos de un Curandero

Artículo de VeinteMundos
As I have mentioned before, I love the articles on VeinteMundos! They cover such a wide variety of cultural products, practices, and perspectives from different countries.

In my AP class, we are about to start our unit called "El cuidado de la salud y la medicina," so I have created this cloze and comprehension guide (feel free to make a copy and make changes) to go along with the article/audio "Los Secretos de un Curandero" from VeinteMundos. Previously, I had students read the article and answer questions, but now they will have to listen, read along, and answer questions. I like this article because it shows lots of cultural products, practices, and perspectives that students may not be familiar with. It will be interesting to see the comparisons that they make.

The song of the week will be "La Curandera" by Elastic Bond (and here is a quick little slideshow to illustrate some of the vocabulary in the song). 

In addition to using two articles from VeinteMundos (el cuy and los curanderos) as resources for specific units in my AP class, every other week my students have to read/listen to an article of their choice from that site, fill in this form (created by Ann Mar), and give a two minute cultural comparison. This is to prepare them for the cultural comparison part of the AP exam. They are doing an excellent job comparing and contrasting the cultural topics with aspects of their own culture. 

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