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Recursos para 3 Bellezas

Image result for 3 bellezasAs I wrote in a recent post, I am very excited to use the movie 3 Bellezas in my AP class to touch on the theme of Belleza y Estética. I created a 95 slide presentation that summarizes the movie with screenshots (see below) over a period of 5-6 days. I think of the the presentation as a basic "picture book" that summarizes the movie. Students read it aloud in groups (they sit in groups of 3) and then they get to watch and listen to the authentic resource. There are also some personalized questions that students will discuss in their grupitos. Thanks to Arianne Dowd for adding some of those! I did something very similar with the movie Diamantes Negros and that unit went very well! 

The slideshow is written in very comprehensible Spanish; it could probably be used in a level 3 class, but I am not sure if I would use this movie with sophomores. I am sharing it for free here. I also created this doc with the text of the slideshow that students will go over and fill in for homework after watching parts of the movie. 

This is my plan for what I will do with this movie:
  • Ongoing throughout unit- interpretive reading activities for authentic articles (these can be found in the unit packet on TPT). These are the articles:
    • La película que satiriza la "obsesión" de los venezolanos con la belleza
    • ¿Por qué las venezolanas se hacen tanto la cirugía estética?  
    • Venezuela, el país de las reinas de belleza donde escasea hasta el maquillaje
    • Artículo de La Nación (Argentina): Sin corona: los concursos de belleza, cada vez más resistidos
  • Watch some clips of two documentaries (BBC: Extreme Beauty Queens, Netflix: To Be a Miss and Viceland Venezuela) 
  • Do one question a day from this video (the fourth woman gets asked the same question that Estefanía gets in the contest, might be good to watch that right before that scene)
  • Ongoing: In groups of 3-4, students read slideshow aloud (as a preview). Then, we watch segments of movie. Then, students do segments of this doc for homework.
  • Seminario Socrático (this can be found in the unit packet on TPT) as final assessment
  • I also have some resources from our Temas textbook
  • I might use 2-3 songs: Mantra by Pamela Rodríguez, and either Caótica Belleza by Esteman ft. Natalia Lafourcade, Antipatriarca by Ana Tijoux by Ana Tijoux, or Soy yo by Bomba Estéreo. These songs present different perspectives about la belleza than that of the movie. 
Click here to make a copy of the slideshow. If you find this useful, please consider giving back in a Radiohead style way.

Arianne Dowd also made this slideshow that will be  good accompaniment (click here to make a copy):

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  1. Amazing unit, amazing resources (as usual). Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for your fantastic resources!