viernes, 5 de mayo de 2017

Alba y la maniquí

Image result for barbie mannequinIf you use the cortometraje Alma (click here to see how I use it in the past tense), this story, "Alba y la maniquí" will be great to do before you get into Alma! The doc (free, click here) includes the story, space to illustrate the story (students did that as they read it, after they listened to me tell it), questions in English to check for comprehension, a link to a Quizlet Live activity for the story, and a verdad/mentira activity. It is the third of four stories in my current Spanish 2 unit. I use two others, one from Cynthia Hitz and another from Elena López. This unit is fun, engaging, and, for people tied to "teaching the preterite in Spanish 2," students get a good first glimpse of talking about actions in the past!

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