sábado, 26 de agosto de 2017

*Otra* leyenda ecuatorian: El Kuychi

Yup, another Ecuadorean legend here! (See here and here for two others.) This one could be used as part of a legends unit or with a health unit because two of the main characters are curanderos

The name of it is "El Kuychi," which according to the video below, is "el arcoiris blanco que aparece en el invierno." That mean looking guy below is el diablo Supay. 

Click here to get the free resources. Feel free to make a copy and make changes, but if you enhance activities and/or create new ones, please share back! 

Included in the folder are links to the following:

I am sharing all of this for FREE, but if you think it is useful and has saved you some time, feel free to give back here in Radiohead style (click here to see what I mean by Radiohead style). 

And if you want another legend with very similar resources, click here for Las Guacamayas or click here for a more in depth unit about El Kichwa en el Ecuador.

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  1. Hola Kara,

    Great resource, thanks so much for sharing.
    I put the readings into Google Slides, along with activity links you shared, in case you want to use it. IF not, just disregard!

    Thanks again


    1. Awesome Alix!! Can I link it above?

      I ran out of steam to do this slideshow after writing all of those embedded readings (for the three legends), so thanks so much for giving back!