lunes, 21 de agosto de 2017

Otra leyenda ecuatoriana: El nacimiento del Río Amazonas

I traveled to Ecuador this summer through ICTFL with EF Tours and it was amazing! I am very excited to teach about Ecuador this year. So, recently in my quest for engaging Ecuador resources, I discovered this YouTube Channel Zonacuariotv and I love it! It is from Ecuador and geared towards children. I found it when I was creating this unit: El Kichwa en el Ecuador. I love the wawa kichwa videos series to learn kichwa and I incorporated some of those videos into that unit. 

From there, I stumbled upon a whole bunch of leyendas ecuatorianas that I am really excited to use. They are engaging, authentic, pretty, and diverse. Within Ecuador, there is a wide variety of geography and people and these legends seem to show some of that diversity. Each of the legends is from a different place and has different indigenous roots. These are some of my favorites that I plan to develop:

Arianne Dowd and I have already created some resources to go along with "Las Guacamayas," (sold on TPT and some free stuff here), but I am sharing (for free) resources to go along with "El nacimiento del Río Amazonas." I love this legend. It could be used for a lot of different units. It could definitely be a part of an environmental unit. Check it out here:
Click here to get free access to the resources. The resources includes:
  • a short reading about the waoraní (indigenous people from Ecuador) 
  • a slideshow (see below) that walks through the embedded readings and has other activities
  • a sequencing activity for after the second embedded reading (with answer key)
  • a matching text to picture for after the embedded reading (with answer key)
  • a ¿Quién lo dijo?/¿Quién lo hizo? activity for after the second embedded reading (with answer key)
  • a cloze activity for the final audio of the authentic video
  • a doc with the final transcript and two embedded readings (that leave out the certain parts of the ending) that lead to that final, authentic transcript

I am offering all of this for FREE, but if you think it is useful and has saved you some time, feel free to give back here in Radiohead style (click here to see what I mean by Radiohead style). 

And if you want another legend with very similar resources, click here for Las Guacamayas or click here for a more in depth unit about El Kichwa en el Ecuador.

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