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Engaging resources for La Corrida de Toros Unit

I love it when I have tons of engaging resources for a unit! For my "Corrida de Toros" unit these are the resources that we will use (I will use them in this order):

Here is the UbD unit doc if you are interested in the Essential Questions, Enduring Understandings, and "I can" statements.

One thing that I have struggled with in the past with this unit is introducing La Corrida de Toros. I have used infografías and a video in English, but this year Martina Bex's easy (for this level) presentation will be a great way to start.

Also, I came across tons of resources on this VideoELE site and decided to use some of what was shared there. I took the transcript for the video below and made this Interpretive reading/listening doc to go along with the video. Students will do the following:

  • Write what the words in the word bank mean. Some they will know and some they will have to look up on wordreference.
  • Read with partners/groups and fill in the blanks.
  • Answer the questions in English. This will show that they understand what they are reading.
  • Listen to the video and review answers together as a class.
  • Play Quizlet Live to review the information.
  • Watch the video... and hopefully understand the majority of it! 
  • Write a summary in Spanish of the information in the video.

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