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Back to School Bonus Sale: Recommendations

Use the code BTSBONUS18 and get 25% of today on anything in my Teachers Pay Teachers store ... and many other teachers too, including my favorite: CCC Spanish Store by the amazing Arianne Dowd. Everything she creates is excellent!

Here are some recommendations:

If you are looking for a way to add more to "Song of the Week," this product has FIFTEEN stories based on songs/music videos: Cuento y Canción de la Semana. These could be used at any level! For upper levels, these stories will be a fun way to start the week and review some basic vocabulary. I used thirteen of these stories in Spanish 1 last year, so they start off very basic.

These four songs would be excellent for "Song/Story of the Week" for upper levels: Cásate conmigo, InternacionalesQuisiera alejarme and Usted. Both have stories that incorporate lyrics from the songs.

A old favoriteIf you are looking for a "bridge to CI" story unit for level 1, check out my Soy yo unit.

A new favorite: Álvaro tiene un problema!  My students and I (and teachers that I have presented it to) LOVE this mini unit (for level 1 or above).

This CI story unit "El Día Perfecto de Carlos Vives" has a focus on the conditional and it is jam packed with culture! Excellent for pre-AP.

La Lotería de España: Carmina y otras historias is another favorite for upper levels, and also excellent for pre-AP.

This is another excellent pre-AP unit for Novices: "Si quieres, puedes" is a song by Sebastián Yatra. The biography addresses the themes of Global Challenges and Personal and Public Identities. And the music addresses Beauty and Aesthetics.


This immigration unit is for level 1, but could be used in any level. It includes a movie (La Misma Luna), a short film, and two songs.

I used these two movie in units in my AP class: Diamantes Negros and 3 Bellezas. Both of these movies are heavy and should definitely be previewed!

If you are looking for more movies, Arianne Dowd makes THE BEST CI movie guides! Here are just some of them: McFarland USA, También la lluvia, Coco for Novice High to Intermediate Low, Coco for Intermediates, Ferdinand, The Devil's Miner, Living on $1, La Lengua de la Mariposa, and En el tiempo de las mariposas.

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