lunes, 20 de agosto de 2018

New Song/Story of the Week: Ella by Álvaro Soler

I love Álvaro Soler! And so do my students! "La Cintura" was a big hit last year with all of my classes. And I think "Ella" will be a big hit too! 

But in this song, Álvaro seems a little desperate and obsessed! So, I wrote up a story called "Un hombre un poco obsesionado." You can find it on TPT here. It also includes the following activities: 

- a suggested order of activties
- a story script for the teacher to read to students
- a link to Textivate to review the story
- a link to a Quizlet Live with comprehension questions about the story
- a cloze activity with the translation of the song
- a put-in-order activity to do with the song
- a short quiz with 15 cierto/falso statements about the story

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